How do you manage stress?

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What are some things that you do that help you manage stress? I love to meditate, foot roll and walk my dog.


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    Errrrrrrr ;)
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    Hi everyone
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    I don't stress easy, usually when I do it's because of an overly tight schedule or a big project that just seems really daunting. So, for me, making a schedule or plan really helps out.
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    To quote one of my favorite shows, not well *kitten* 😅
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    Meditation, getting outside even for five minutes, drink a cup of tea. Quarantine has taught me how much I love to just go on a drive with no destination or purpose. I live in the same region where I grew up and just driving has shown me all these beautiful spaces I didn’t know existed.
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    Jiu Jitsu and taking my atv out in the mud!
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    Music. Removed all negative people in my life like literally gone. And the stress pretty much was gone like the wind 💨.
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    I live near tons of hiking trails and quiet beaches, so either one of those.

    Splitting firewood. It has to be done anyway but hitting something over and over with a large axe while in pissed and not going to prison? It's pretty great.
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    Cycling, running. I'm a b*tchy nervous wreck after work until I get my cardio in.
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    Go for walks or exercise at home. Get out of the house as much as possible
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    For me it’s the gym for sure. Or just getting outside for a walk with some good music playing.
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    Music!! I love to turn the radio up loud and dance around! Also wine.. lol..
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    Vent to someone I trust
    Self care (facial, nails, hair, long bubble bath)
    Listen to music
    Watch Cartoons /Comedies

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    I vent about everything (or listen to music really loudly) while I clean the house. Then read a book in a nice hot bath. Or cry it out. Yeah sometimes I cry.. alot..🥴😆😝
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    I clear my head by running or doing a killer workout. Makes it easier to deal with stress after clearing my head
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    I haven't found a way yet for it that consistently works. But usually I spend time alone when I am stressed and I kind of talk to my mind remindimg it all the challenging situations I dealt with and overcome in life until now and reminding myself as long as I breath there isn't anything I can't handle
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    I eat. Not a healthy way to manage stress, I admit. But that is why I am here in the first place
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    Terribly 😂
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    What are some things that you do that help you manage stress? I love to meditate, foot roll and walk my dog.
    I used to eat or go to a boyfriend for affection or call a friend for stress, I didn't realize I lived my life at SUCH a high level of freak out and was really high strung. Now I manage it by running most days (if I can do it without damaging my knees), cleaning my apartment, or studying languages (cause I'm a nerd who wants to learn Arabic). It also helps a lot that I got my finances in order, created a plan to achieve meaningful career goals, broke up with my bf, and moved from my old extremely *kitten* apartment with an evil landlord. Basically I changed my environment to fet rid of my biggest stressors. Focusing on work really helps too, but it has taken me a long time to expand my attention span to do this and I'm still working on it. I have found that drawing or painting or anything that involves sitting does not work for me. I think the best strategy I've employed is writing a list of to do items in the morning, and crossing everything off as I get through it in the day. Then I feel satisfied in the evenings.