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Foods that are ripoffs

joyanna2016joyanna2016 Member Posts: 281 Member Member Posts: 281 Member
Any thoughts lately on food that just aren't worth the calories? I've had three lately...pasta, white rice, and pizza.


  • Lynnsgoals2020Lynnsgoals2020 Member Posts: 300 Member Member Posts: 300 Member
    Definitely rice and pasta for me too. And oddly, I don't miss them. I'd rather bulk up on roasted veggies in my stir fry than rice.
  • BABeautifulBadassBABeautifulBadass Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member
    Definitely pasta, rice, and beans for me. Just not a fan, and they pack a lot of calories for the nutritional content. I'd rather have something else.
  • LildarlinzLildarlinz Member Posts: 84 Member Member Posts: 84 Member
    I love pasta!! So I tend to just have that as a treat (lasagne)

    Birds eye do a bag of frozen vegetable rice 184 calories u could do that with some meatballs and tomato passata :) it’s lovely xx but again only a treat
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 576 Member Member, Premium Posts: 576 Member
    I find gnocchi better value for calories than pasta, gram for gram. I do have to weigh carefully though, to get the right numbers - it's not something I can eyeball.

    With pizza, it depends on the type. Some pizza isn't worth it, but I'm fond of a tiny deep pan for 400 to 450 calories. Hits the spot, and can be easily worked into a day.

    Chocolate products are generally quite poor value calorie wise - I find it better to just have a square of actual chocolate rather than a cake or biscuit with chocolate in it.

    I find oil a major rip off. I've replaced cooking oil with oil spray and saved hundreds of calories that way.

    Ice cream - unless it's Halo Top. Again, a tub of Ben and Jerry's is nice, but it's just not worth the calories.
  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Member Posts: 1,474 Member Member Posts: 1,474 Member
    John772016 wrote: »
    Sorry, pizza is never a ripoff :)
    Now peanut butter or chocolate, those are major ripoffs!

    I’d have to agree! Much as I love peanut butter (and to a lesser extent chocolate) I just don’t find either to be helpful on the calorie vs satiety scale.

    One I’d add too - avocado. Again, I love it but it goes down way too easily for the calories!

    Oh, and bananas. They lack both the crispness and freshness of other fruit - which is what I love about fruit, yet they are higher in calories. Waste of space! 😂
  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 594 Member Member Posts: 594 Member
    Croutons. The mass-produced kind. Around 50 calories for 8 or so.
  • unstableunicornunstableunicorn Member Posts: 216 Member Member Posts: 216 Member
    Muffins, bagels, and most pork products.

    Chips are worth the calories, but I have discipline issues with them so we generally don’t buy them.
  • richardgavelrichardgavel Member Posts: 954 Member Member Posts: 954 Member
    I agree with muffins and bagels, but not with pork. At least pork loin, or even pulled pork on occasion when I've had a little more burn, but I could see pork bacon/sausage being an issue.
  • amandaeveamandaeve Member Posts: 713 Member Member Posts: 713 Member
    Seeds. I love pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on my salad, but they double the calories! So many calories for something that you barely notice.
  • ShortgirlrunningShortgirlrunning Member Posts: 1,023 Member Member Posts: 1,023 Member
    Pasta rice and pizza are three of my favorites! I do only have them on run days when I have an extra like 800 calories to work with though.

    Sweets are what aren’t worth it to me. Like cookies or a brownie. I just don’t enjoy them enough to use my calories on them.
  • lx1xlx1x Member Posts: 33,732 Member Member Posts: 33,732 Member
    Rice.. pizza . Pasta. Yummies. 🤤
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 8,671 Member Member Posts: 8,671 Member
    Mayonnaise on sandwiches.
    Cheese on burritos or tacos.
    Butter on biscuits, pancakes, and waffles.

    But pizza and pasta are definitely worth it.

    White rice usually isn't worth it to me, because it's so bland. If I can't get brown rice when I order Chinese takeout, I'll save the rice for another day and make some like fried rice; fried rice cakes; soup with rice, egg, lemon, and mint (it came from a Molly Katzen cookbook, but I may have altered it somewhat over the years since I don't bother to look at the recipe any more); or rice pudding.
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 576 Member Member, Premium Posts: 576 Member
    Oh, you have to be careful with sausages. My butcher does some amazing pork sausages for 180 calories each - I have to 'ration' them in pasta, or eat as a 'hot dog' with mustard and a small roll, without any sides.

    I'm currently exploring veggie alternatives, as you can often get more bang for your buck. I've just bought some vegan sausages which are 79 calories each - haven't tried them yet, but am hopeful they will be nice.

    I wouldn't say mayo is a waste of calories, but full fat mayo is. Light mayo is such an easy swap. Better yet is mustard or ketchup, depending on the food.
  • Hanibanani2020Hanibanani2020 Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
    Chocolate or any kind of candy.
  • asthesoapturnsasthesoapturns Member Posts: 313 Member Member Posts: 313 Member
    Alcohol, oil. Not saying I never use either but I generally prefer to spend my calories elsewhere.
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