What food items do you splurge on $$$ wise?



  • wyattjenniferl97
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    Duck, berries and grapes, chocolate and cheese
  • canadjineh
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    Organic celery (regular makes my mouth tingle and has a metallic yucky taste), organic flavoured coffee beans from a little finca in Mexico (via a friend near the Guatemalan border), locally grown apples, pears, berries, grapes , local humanely raised beef, pork, and free range eggs from the neighbours. It's nice to live in a rural area full of small hobby farms. Oh yeah, how could I forget raw cheeses, from more neighbours. And a winery 2 km. away where we trade grape picking for bottles of the previous years vintages.
  • ContraryMaryMary
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    I am fortunate to have a generous food budget and don’t really worry to much about the price of most things. However, the one thing I do buy that has an exorbitant price tag is my muesli. It’s over $18 for a small bag when similar sized muesli would be around $6. Mind you, it’s super tasty and portion sizes are tiny as it’s quite calorific, so it last quite a while (unless my daughter gets her hands on it and dishes herself a cornflakes portion size serve - which she can’t finish cause it’s super filling).
  • lilithsrose
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    I buy generics of most things. The only foods I always buy name brand of are French's Mustard, Vlassic Pickles, Cholula Hot Sauce, and JIF peanut butter.

    I would say that I splurge on fancy cheeses, but they're usually still pretty cheap at Aldi or Trader Joe's. I also spend a bit on specialty Asian recipe components, like dark soy sauce, bonito flakes, fish sauce and curries.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    I buy Starkist tuna, which is a little more expensive than store brand, and I am picky about mayonnaise too.

    Other wise, on a weekly basis I go with what's on sale or most affordable.

    I really only consider "splurges" when I buys something that is outside of my normal menu. Like, sometimes I will splurge and buy a container of yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk bins and a nice bottle of wine which I normally won't do week to week. Or in the summer i'll splurge on a nice cut of steak to grill, but it's not a weekly thing. For cooking big meals, like Thanksgiving, I will buy very high quality butter that I wish I could justify using all year round.
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    rhaiin wrote: »
    I buy generics of most things. The only foods I always buy name brand of are French's Mustard, Vlassic Pickles, Cholula Hot Sauce, and JIF peanut butter.

    I would say that I splurge on fancy cheeses, but they're usually still pretty cheap at Aldi or Trader Joe's. I also spend a bit on specialty Asian recipe components, like dark soy sauce, bonito flakes, fish sauce and curries.

    red boat fish sauce is a staple of mine
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    sarko15 wrote: »
    Vegetarian meat substitutes. I think sometimes they get a bad rap, but they save my life (and my protein goal) most days.

    Particularly Morningstar or Field Roast sausages. I've been veggie more than half of my life and I don't miss meat one bit -- but I love the smoky spiciness of sausage. I could care less about the meat itself.

    Im vegan,.plant based too and love it. Have you tried Just Egg? Tastes real! You may want to try the newer Beyond Meats, they have more protein. I eat tempeh, tofu and found a plant based fish free tuna I loveuic15x121w32.jpg
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    kam26001 wrote: »
    Exotic mushrooms. Not those button ones. I'm talking King Oysters and Lion's Mane. 👌

    yes, I'm on a shitaki kick
  • RelCanonical
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    I generally buy the more inexpensive store brands, although a lot of times I prefer the store brand (Meijer). I think the only things I'll generally pay more for brand are butter and yogurt (I'll buy skyr instead of greek yogurt). I tend to be pretty cheap, though. I prefer to spend my money on kpop albums.
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  • Mithridites
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    Steak and dog-human food.

    Steak, because we rarely eat out these days, except for the occasional visit to CookOut. So we splurge on steaks and still come out ahead. The Ninja Foodi we got the week shutdown began makes even the cheapest cut tasty.

    Dog food, because we got an elderly rescue six weeks ago today. He’s malnourished, lame from untreated broken bones, only has four teeth, still has shotgun pellets in his ribs, probably some dementia (he keeps getting lost in the house) and looks like he’ll kick off any moment.

    We figure, in the time he has left, we’re gonna let him live as large and be as loved as possible. So he gets the good stuff, all the hotdogs he wants, scrambled eggs, chicken, and yeah, some of that there steak once in a while.

    You’re good people. I have a nearly 6y.o. puppy mill surviver rescue who’s slightly lame from a crooked paw and had to be fed up too, because you could count his ribs. His tummy is delicate so there’s not many kinds of human food he does well on, but he gets a slice of organic chicken or turkey mixed in with his premium kibble. I don’t mind the expense. After 15 months with me he’s a different dog. All my dog-owner neighbors remark on it. Don’t write your sweet pup off yet, he may make a remarkable recovery with good nutrition and a harmonious, secure home. He may not be lost, but hiding when he feels overwhelmed. Bless you for your good hearts and patience.

  • sgt1372
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    I pay premium prices for extra virgin olive oil snd balsamic vinegar that I use sparingly as a favoring in certain dishes.

    For all other purposes, I use cheaper bulk olive oil that I buy at Costco.
  • VegjoyP
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    Plant based dips, certain Vegan cream cheese and now the Plant Based tuna I found. Most of my diet is pretty reasonable, except my daily habit for a bag of greens on lunch from Trader Joes. only because it adds up compared to the big organic containers. Once in a while if I see something new that really looks good or if on the rare occasion I get a vegan dessert.
  • yirara
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    Artisan gin. I sometimes buy special things at my local market, like a French smoked sausage, German pickled herring or similar things. I'm currently waiting for gooseberries to be ripe. I'm sure they'll be super expensive, but I've not had any since childhood and have been trying to find some over the years.
  • Geneveremfp
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    I eat 90% plant based so if I have fish or meat (less than once a week) I'll make sure its sustainable and free range. I also don't buy eggs that aren't free range and properly free range not just have looked outside occasionally "free range".
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    It depends what country I'm in but always the best. Life isn't long enough for anything else.
  • FibroHiker
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    Avocado mayonnaise and Fody Foods Ketchup. I never gave much thought to what was in my condiments before this year and now I only buy top stuff. $10 for a small jar of Mayonnaise is a lot!
  • Athijade
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    Coconut Aminos, though now that Trader Joe's carries them at half the price of anywhere else it's not as much of a splurge. I am allergic to soy but I LOVE Asian food so I have to have it on hand. Think I have 6 bottles atm (just restocked).

    A number of other things because of my soy allergy. Often the less expensive option uses soy because it is a cheap filler. So breads, bake goods, frozen meals, and more.

    Steak. I don't eat it often and I am picky on my cuts. If I am going to have a steak dinner (and not just steak as a part of a meal like a stir fry), I need to have ribeye. I prefer bone in too. Dang... now I want steak haha.