Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Rouleur67
    Rouleur67 Posts: 44 Member
    Add me for motivation and laughter !!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 35,270 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me .... I love to cheer/support anyone on their journey :)
  • tomms3617
    tomms3617 Posts: 78 Member
    Always after more motivation!
  • treyzamay
    treyzamay Posts: 9 Member
    Hello! I’m open to new friendships! I literally have no one who supports me save my beautiful Momma (she’s an amazing person). I have about 78 more lbs to go, not new to MFP, but on this journey again, this time for LIFE.
  • michaelaab94
    michaelaab94 Posts: 3 Member
    Still looking for new friends! I’d love some gym motivation!
  • Chickyjd
    Chickyjd Posts: 131 Member
    Hi all, been on and off for a good few years. Recently back as have been slacking a bit and have gained 20lbs which I really want to shift! Looking for new friends as a lot have disappeared over time 😭
  • Taytaylynn92
    Taytaylynn92 Posts: 230 Member
    👋 👋
  • ayresome75
    ayresome75 Posts: 415 Member
    Hey, feel free to add me
  • Venus_1
    Venus_1 Posts: 65 Member
    Hey all! Hope you have a great evening! Welcome all active and communicative mfp people 😊
  • geraldc85
    geraldc85 Posts: 11 Member
    add me
  • Coffeeqt
    Coffeeqt Posts: 23 Member
    Brand new! Looking for some motivating friends!
  • flagrantavidity
    flagrantavidity Posts: 217 Member
    Not brand new - but always looking for motivation.
  • dynamodi
    dynamodi Posts: 56 Member
    feel free to add me!
  • amb3669
    amb3669 Posts: 8 Member
    25 year old from Ireland starting fresh after lockdown! Please add 😊
  • activegalaxy
    activegalaxy Posts: 24 Member
    Always looking for more friends. Some of my friends have become inactive and would like some active users. Been at this for three years. 38m that has lost 64 pounds and wants to keep the grind up. Currently been active on here a little over a year.
  • Steph__14
    Steph__14 Posts: 14 Member
    Absolutely 😊
  • foster1503
    foster1503 Posts: 391 Member
    Please add if you like.

    52 from uk
  • dmille2
    dmille2 Posts: 208 Member
    I’m back for more! Looking for active friends
  • bdelaney33
    bdelaney33 Posts: 150 Member
    I’m open for friends! Chattier the better !!