Unsupportive Husband

Hello everybody! I hope everybody is doing well, especially during these unprecidented times. I have been totally changing the way that I eat and exercise and my husband isn't being very supportive. I want to switch to being a vegetarian and he doesn't like it at all. He won't let me cook what I want to cook and he just comes up with all these excuses why I shouldn't make what I want to make. He is being very controlling. Can someone give me some advice? Is anybody going through anything similar?


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    If you're not trying to also change his diet and habits, it'll probably help just to rub along for the time being making what you each want to eat and dealing with the extra labour. If you are trying to change up his business when he was happy before, there's your problem.
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    ps - I have a friend who has been a vegetarian since she was 13 and ethical vegan since her early 20s. I would never expect her to cook meat for someone else. But it sounds like you are making the switch for health reasons. So I suggest you continue to cook standard meals for him. You can also offer him some of your food.

    Last week I made Brazilian Black Beans and Kale Ricotta Pie. (This was the original "Moosewood Cookbook" Spinach Ricotta Pie that I adapted to accommodate the excess of kale from my garden. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do make a lot of recipes from that vegetarian cookbook.)

    Neither of us expected him to like either, and we had hot dogs as a back up. But he ended up liking both and went back for seconds.
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    As others said, your post is not clear on what exactly he is protesting.

    Speaking from experience, it is possible to change someone else’s eating habits with them resisting, but it takes time. In my case, like three years. My husband is (was) very much a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, but we started small. We always make our weekly meal plan and grocery shopping together, and cook together as well. First, it was just meatless Monday, and not even every week. We usually tried a new recipe every time, so eventually we had some good ones we both liked and started replacing some red meat regulars with those. Now, my husband observes meatless Monday independently even if I’m not home, and is known to cook tofu for a Friday night dinner with his guy friends. We still eat red meat occasionally, but it’s slowly been replaced by vegetarian options, chicken and fish. When we do have red meat, it’s usually in smaller quantities than before.

    For the last 6 months we’ve been working on adding more veggies into meals to make them lighter and more nutritious. This process has been much faster than the shift from red meat towards vegetarianism, mostly because I found my secret weapon: agreeing to pretty much any recipe he suggests with ”ok, how do we add more veggies into that?”. He’s getting pretty good at it already, and it doesn’t feel like he’s being denied the foods he wants.

    If his issue is with you cooking for both of you and he still wants to continue eating meat, I think you could start small with a new vegetarian recipe here and there, and gradually switching from red meat to more chicken and fish, and going from there. Alternatively, especially if he eats lunch at work, could you have a discussion with him about maybe he could eat his meat on meals that are not shared with you, and have more vegetarian meals with you? It’s not really about vegetarianism, but my husband and I have a pact that we indulge in the foods the other hates when they aren’t home or when we eat at restaurants. That way, the meals we share are something we both genuinely enjoy but neither one is deprived of the other things we like.
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    My best friend and her husband are a mix household. She has been vegetarian her whole life. He eats whatever she makes, but he will cook his own meat for meals, etc. Hasn't been a problem for them.