Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Elliewebber
    Elliewebber Posts: 24 Member
    Happy for anyone to follow me :)
    Previously lost 100+lb using MFP then depression hit and I munched it all back plus some :s
    5 foot 6 23 years old :)
    HW 320
    CW 314
    GW 158
  • lozakayla0
    lozakayla0 Posts: 1 Member
    I have no friends. So add me 🤣
  • cguevarra
    cguevarra Posts: 86 Member
    Okay so I’m all seriousness, I’m looking for real friends to talk to everyday. Just to talk and vent, or just to talk. I’m always down for friends. So just add me
  • fitnessjustin01
    fitnessjustin01 Posts: 239 Member
    edited July 2020
    I'm looking for friends that post their diaries. I like seeing what others are eating to give me ideas. Of course if you are active on MFP I'll accept anyways. 😁
  • KungfuPandin
    KungfuPandin Posts: 86 Member
    Hi everyone 🙂. I'm not new to MFP. I've lost about 30kg and I'm on the final pounds which are tricky and hard. Would be great to have friends so we can help push each other along. I'm very active, very into the exercise... a runner. It's good to have friends to Help motivate and support each other because it's really hard no matter where you are in the weightloss journey. I really need that extra push of motivation as I'm sure we all need 🙂. So feel free to add me.
  • OwloftheFuture
    OwloftheFuture Posts: 39 Member
    Would love more friends!
  • alijo79
    alijo79 Posts: 5 Member
    I could use friends on here that will help keep me motivated.
  • Learningtofly2021
    Learningtofly2021 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi new to mfp, over past 6 weeks currently loosing weight but would love some friends! Have a long way to go but have a wedding to attend in June 2021 for motivation!
  • unforgettable2010
    unforgettable2010 Posts: 104 Member
    Im just here to grind and motivate
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    Interested in making new friends. Please no needy guys seeking a relationship. I am independent and happy and enjoying my life walking toward the sunset with poise and dignity as a fit woman nearing 70.
  • Oriana0525
    Oriana0525 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello everyone feel free to add me!
  • ElTriste1973
    ElTriste1973 Posts: 235 Member
    Yes, the more support the better :)
  • Vegetadad
    Vegetadad Posts: 25 Member
    Add me or suffer in fatness forever. Muwahhaha (Maniacal laugh)
  • sweats4fun
    sweats4fun Posts: 18 Member
    I'm new in town and I would love some pals!
  • TommyTS88
    TommyTS88 Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me!!
  • JDMac82
    JDMac82 Posts: 3,067 Member
    Just gotta send it!
  • Purplemania
    Purplemania Posts: 6 Member
    Hey everyone!

  • Theotherwhiteclint
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    Hey everyone!

  • wanderwoman2020
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