August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    I think I was glutened and it's been so hot that I took yesterday off and today I might try some yoga or hop on the bike.

    It was 101 at 1 am Friday. We are breaking all kind of records for July.

    Oh yuck, I hate that. There are so many little places wheat can sneak in. Freaking annoying.

    I had pizza from a restaurant and I suspect that was the culprit. I think a tiny but of cross contamination because it's not super bad. Mostly feel tired and like I'm fighting a migraine today.

    Ah, yes. Flour floats in the air for a long time and can come down on GF pizzas even in the best of restaurants. Since I can not have garlic or onion in addition to having to avoid wheat, I have not had pizza from a restaurant in a long time. Just one of the foods I have to make at home cause living without is an undesirable option.
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    @Elise4270 thanks for the advice.
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    Welcome back @polskagirl01!
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    Welcome back @polskagirl01 ! Good to see you!

    11.26 miles to start the month! On the dreadmill! Quite impressed with that actually. I think it was manageable because I had the peloton running class on (I did 2), and listening/watching the instructors and music made the time go by.
    I had initially wanted to go outside, but hadn’t slept well, and didn’t get enough sleep. So changed my mind, in case I needed to bail. I didn’t. :smile:

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    Good to have you back, @polskagirl01 !
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    msapplek wrote: »
    Hello Runners!

    I took up running during the lockdown (gratefully, I live right by a running path, so it was easy to go out running safely in the mornings with few other people out. It is probably a major reason why my general mental health has been okay during the pandemic).

    It's been a few months now since running, and while there has been a little bit of progress, I just feel like I've been stuck at the same slow pace (11-12min/mile, I think). I've looked up some videos for tips on how to increase speed, and I've tried: running longer distances, fartlek/speed play, but I just feel like I am stuck at the same pace no matter what.

    So my August goal is to work on breaking into the 10min/mile mark. I run 3x a week for 3-5miles. Is that not enough running to see the progress I want to make?

    This looks like an active thread, and I can't wait to get to know the community of MFP Runners here.

    I also run 3x a week, being injury prone I need the recovery time. For me when I was a beginner my pace really started to improve when I started doing long runs of at least 10k (6.2 miles.) Then when my long runs reached 8 miles there was a BIG jump in my easy pace - it went from easy being about 11 minutes to easy being more like 9:45 or so. My race pace increased at the same time, not so much that I was able to run faster as that I was able to maintain a hard effort over a longer distance. The other thing that helped was working on my form, being more forward and concentrating on pushing off to the rear instead of trying to reach out in front of me.

    There’s also no shame in being slow, particularly if you are a woman, older, or short!
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    8/1 - 5 mile trail race

    5 of 115 miles
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    @Elise4270 I didn’t know about your son. I’m so sorry, I knew from things you said in the past that he had his struggles.
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    Welcome back @polskagirl01! Missed you on here.

    Welcome back also @bride001! Sounds like you are going to be busy!

    @Elise4270 I am very sorry about your son 😢 I know you spoke of some of his trouble in the past and this was a terrible outcome. **HUGS**
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    Welcome, back @bride001!
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    AlphaHowls wrote: »
    8/1 17.17 miles
    A monthly question.
    This year has been challenging mentally, emotionally and physically (for some of us). How are you coping? What do you do to get back on track? What challenges do you face and how are you managing them? (hint: if you are not it's time to do so).

    I have been on MFP for 5 years now. I learned early on to stick with what works. I log my food every single day. I have been running about 4 years (give or take). I want to be able to eat as much as possible and run every day.

    I was deemed essential for COVID-19 (mental health service provider). I deal with mental/emotional and physical stress daily. Logging every thing I do, keeps me sane (most days). I have had really trying days where I would emotionally eat (use of negative coping skills). I am also the caregiver for my mother. Some days are a struggle, trying to keep her safe and me sane (I do have meltdowns).

    I have never been a social person. I do not necessarily feel lonesome/alone/lonely or isolated. I have always been completely entertained in my head. COVID-19 just adds to the panic/anxiety I feel out in public.

    Coping: sleep, run, eat, yard work, prayer
    Stay on track: log food, keep a gratitude journal, enter a challenge with a friend
    Challenges: keeping safe, sane and socially distanced (some people just get to close!)

    @AlphaHowls In my opinion, this is excellent advice!!
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    @polskagirl01 and @bride001. Welcome back!

    @msapplek Welcome to the group!

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    8-1 rest
    8-2 7k easy

    August Total: 7k
    August Goal: 170k

    January Total: 161k
    February Total: 167k
    March Total: 181k
    April Total: 191k
    May Total: 200k
    June Total: 156k
    July Total: 180k

    2020 Total through July: 1236k / 176.5k per month

    Low 70s F today with a drizzly rain and a breeze that was all over the place. Since I golfed yesterday when it was raining harder than it was today, thought it would be chicken*kitten* to not run due to a little drizzle.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2020 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs
    Run at least 4 5k races
    Get a 5k PR
    Average at least 138k per month, to meet my Run the Year pledge of 1,020 miles
    Stretch goal: If I can average 169k per month, I can run 2020k in 2020

    Run the Year Team: Pavement Pounders

    2020 races:

    9-19 Race for the Parks 5k, Hudson, OH
    10-11 Haunted Hustle 5k, Aurora, OH