Spinach Debate 😂

_LION_ Posts: 57 Member
It's simple.

Either cooked or uncooked?

Let's see the responses .....


  • VegjoyP
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    MaltedTea wrote: »
    Zen approach: each has its place.

    Raw for smoothies, salads, etc

    Cooked for stews and balancing out starchy dishes.

    🕊️ <-- Fun fact: it's carrying a spinach leaf

    Love this 😀 💚
  • RockingWithLJ
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    Cooked for breakfast. It tastes great with eggs over medium..
    Raw in chicken salads and smoothies with fruit
    I wont eat it any other way
  • GreenValli
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    I add spinach to my salads during the week. If I don't use it all up by the time I get to shopping day, Saturday, then I cook what is left. I still am taking advantage of the vitamins and minerals of the spinach that way.
  • cmriverside
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    Well, there's that whole oxalic acid thing with raw spinach. I always have it cooked...but then I don't like the texture of it raw anyway.
  • AliciaHollywood
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    Both. Raw for salads or sometimes I cook 1/2 bag of Trader Joes organic frozen spinach, add a little Parmesan and garlic and make a little meal of it. I love spinach! :)
  • PmiA
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    I used to eat it raw like 80% of the time, but I recently read about the benefits of cooking it, so I use it for scrambles and omelettes. I also enjoy plain boiled veggies - now I add a handful of spinach, too.
  • amart4224
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    Raw, I don't like the taste/texture of cooked.
  • ReenieHJ
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    I feel short-changed when it cooks down to nothing too but I do love it in cheesy omelettes with mushrooms.
  • kperk91
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    My fiancé and I eat it in raw form most. Basically as a lettuce - salads, sandwiches, etc.
    I only cook it for recipes like stuffed shells or something
  • glassyo
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    Creamed...with creamed corn and baby carrots.
  • lemurcat2
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    _LION_ wrote: »
    It's simple.

    Either cooked or uncooked?

    Let's see the responses .....

    I eat it both ways. More uncooked in the summer, cooked in the winter.
  • GummiMundi
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    Definitely both. :)
  • missysippy930
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    Raw, always. There’s only a couple of things I use it in where I cook raw spinach, pizza, and a favorite soup. I almost always have fresh on hand for salad.
  • LunaTheFatCat
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    Raw in a salad, crushed in a smoothie, quick 30 sec fry before adding egg omelette.
    Love spinach, hate how it goes off so quickly in the bag, it always turns into slime after a few days.
  • Athijade
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    Each has its own uses.

    I use raw in smoothies, salads, and on sandwiches.

    I use cooked in creamed spinach, soups, eggs, and it is really good in rice bowls.
  • quiksylver296
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    amart4224 wrote: »
    Raw, I don't like the taste/texture of cooked.

    That ^^
  • LenGray
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    I eat it both ways! I love cooked spinach with eggs or soups and I love it raw in stirfry and salads :)
  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    Both. Raw in salads, wraps, on rice/grain bowls etc.

    Cooked in pasta dishes, rice, grains, dhals, in pasta dough, in bread dough, with poached eggs, in lasagnes, with Feta/Goats Cheese in a baked sweet potato, in curries...

    Whizzed with eggs to make thin spinach crepes to wrap around fillings,

    Anywhere and everywhere, basically! Plenty of black pepper and/or grated nutmeg 😋