Just turned 49. Show me inspirational pics to help me lose 30lbs before 50!

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I'm in a rut. I need the inspiration to prove that it is possible and worth it to put in the work to lose weight and get fit at this point in my life. 25 years of marriage has led to blah. We're too comfortable with mediocre. Inspire me to do better! Suggestions appreciated.


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    For me it has definitely worth doing this. I am 56 and nearly two-thirds of the way - 19lbs down as of this morning - through losing 30lbs (again, it has to be said... I am losing again after reaching my goal weight the year I turned 50 :( ). I feel so much fitter, more energetic and just generally more motivated when I am at the lower weight. That does not actually change other aspects of my life, but I think it gives me a different perspective on them.

    (You might also find the motivation threads offer inspiration. Or look at the "what no-one told you about losing weight" thread.)
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    @bradskibeat1 if that doesn't inspire any of us, nothing will! Thanks for sharing with this 58 year old who lost 17# since June with only "ONLY" 15-19ish more to go. Before I watched the video, I was going to suggest to @3greyhorses to take on the challenge with the spouse. Even if your significant other doesn't need to lose, everyone can improve in some facet of life tied to health whether it's eating better, breaking a bad habit, volunteering...something to replace the "blah" with a "wow!" Good luck on your journey. You got this!
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    What a story, Beautyofdreams! I hope you are doing really well now: it sounds as though you are.
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    I have no pictures, but I just wanted to say that I just turned 49, too, and I have to lose 50 pounds. I'm calling it 50 Before 50...haha. I'm right there with you!
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    59 years old. Started MFP in July 2018 at 211 pounds. By May 2019 was 136 pounds. Have maintained ( even losing 1-2 more pounds) for over a year! q858uf5faacf.png

    You don't look 59! You look A-MAZING!
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    Love it! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to take some pics of today, Day 1, and will use them to motivate myself and others through my journey. If I can do it, anyone can. Again, thanks for sharing!
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    I love seeing lurkers share transformational posts!!!!!
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    Wow! You guys are amazing!