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Besides keeping track of calories, what else are you doing to maintain your overall health?

Copper_BoomCopper_Boom Member Posts: 85 Member Member Posts: 85 Member
I have gotten better about eating vegetables, taking walks, and cutting out toxic relationships. I also save watching/reading the news for right before a workout- I find it so aggravating.


  • ericigo2015ericigo2015 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Biking to work, in addition to my regular cardio and strength training, has been very helpful. The Seattle hills allow me to vary the intensity depending on how I'm feeling. I could really do without all of this wildfire smoke, though.
  • briscogunbriscogun Member Posts: 1,042 Member Member Posts: 1,042 Member
    Running 3x a week, light resistance training (dumbbells, kettle bells, body weight exercises), and throw in some yoga a few times a week if I can. The yoga has been amazing for my flexibility and keeping my back lose and in good shape! I'm literally one of the least flexible guys with the worst balance on the planet so I'm pretty awkward at it but its really helped...
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Member, Greeter Posts: 44,779 Member Member, Greeter Posts: 44,779 Member
    Physical training. Keeping the body fit and strong goes hand in hand with health.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

  • BahstenB10BahstenB10 Member Posts: 227 Member Member Posts: 227 Member
    Reducing alcohol. Non M-F, a couple on the weekend.

    Ditto for me.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,023 Member Member Posts: 39,023 Member
    I don't track calories, but I have a pretty healthful and well balanced diet overall and exercise regularly. I'm working on cutting back on alcohol which I was doing pretty well with pre-pandemic, but it has been the hardest part of being at home, especially with summer and a pool. I have tended to park my *kitten* in a pool floaty with several beers as soon as it's quitting time.
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member, Premium Posts: 7,639 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,639 Member
    Managing my macros
    Walking -10k/day
    Upper body strength training
    Fun times
  • cppeacecppeace Member Posts: 750 Member Member Posts: 750 Member
    Exercising everday, making it a streak. Making sure never get less than 30g protein a day.
  • ExpressoLove11ExpressoLove11 Member Posts: 173 Member Member Posts: 173 Member
    I drink lots of water and try to get good quality sleep (not too good at this part but the idea is there). I lift 4 times a week and make sure to do at least 40 minutes of light cardio a day. Sometimes I do actual cardio but I gotta be in the mood. I make sure to eat 80g of protein a day and incorporate as many fruits and veggies as I can.
  • julie3461julie3461 Member Posts: 65 Member Member Posts: 65 Member
    - Daily exercise even if it's a .5 mile walk or light yoga/stretching
    - Severely reduced alcohol intake starting in March 2020 (only drank 3 times so far)
    - Started walking more by walking places places (ex. CVS for a drink if I want one like a sparkling water, grocery shopping, UPS for silly amazon returns, etc.).
    - indulging weekly to prevent binging
    - Got back into meditation/focusing on the person I want to be
    - get up early and go to bed early during the week
    - getting ready every day/putting on real clothes
    - getting rid of STUFF/ making an effort to stop buying things I simply want
    I am sure there are more
    edited September 2020
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 27,045 Member Member Posts: 27,045 Member
    Keeping my head engaged in the process.

    If you've had struggles for a decade, more than likely it's not going away when all of the weight loss is finished. I ate it all back the first go-around. The mind is strong. Most of this is a mental battle/combat zone with those old neural pathways, deep, deep grooves in the brain. Keep your head engaged.
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