Ladies: Sexy or Not? Beards with grey?

So I'm just a little curious and having trouble deciding wether or not to dye my beard. I'm 37 years old and the grey in my beard is starting to become much more abundant.

Now, I've been told by one woman.. well... it was more like a passive agressive "hint", that I should dye it.
And then I've been told by another that it's actually really sexy and that I should keep it.

So how bout a little bit of insight here? What is the overall opinion about Men with grey in their beards? I'm sorta on the fence about it.


  • Broken_
    Broken_ Posts: 172 Member
    I'm curious bout this too.
  • Bill Goldberg has gray in his and he's SUPER SEXY!!
  • Xandi
    Xandi Posts: 319
    I think men with a little grey is sexy.. but that is me.
    I am not sure about the beard, is it a uniform grey or patchy..
  • Sexy. Definitely sexy.
  • NancyAnne1960
    NancyAnne1960 Posts: 500 Member
    Personally, I don't care for hair dyed, but especially a beard. Natural is the way to go!! It's part of the 'real' you - shows character.
  • coloradocami
    coloradocami Posts: 369 Member
    let it go grey...very me
  • Iamfit4life
    Iamfit4life Posts: 3,097 Member
    as long as I can look at it, and that thing doesn't get near me, my face, or my tender parts....

  • _beachgirl_
    _beachgirl_ Posts: 3,868 Member
    Grey=sexy fa sho
  • TluvK
    TluvK Posts: 733 Member
    Don't! I don't want to be rude, but I just think a man taking enough time to dye something on his body is a little too metro-sexual for my tastes. My hubby is 40 and he's getting some salt in his pepper and I LOVE IT.
  • Grey is super sexy.
  • kepete
    kepete Posts: 268 Member
    Very sexy!
  • girlwapp
    girlwapp Posts: 136 Member
    grey = sexy, so long as it is short and well groomed. It makes a man look more sophisticated, I think.
  • Cherilea
    Cherilea Posts: 1,118 Member
    Super sexy!
  • Banrion
    Banrion Posts: 157 Member
    Go grey!! Its all about how you feel, if you like then swag with it. If you think your sexy, we will think your sexy!
  • slybaby
    slybaby Posts: 125
    super hot and super sexy! My man has the salt and pepper hair and goatee:) No complaints here!
  • You know that men's hair dye called "Touch-of-Grey"? There's a reason they market that stuff and sell it for top dollar. Because it's the sexiest thing in the world.

    PLEASE keep your grey, and add just a Touch-of-Confidence and you'll be the hottest thing uh... ever.
  • bry_all01
    bry_all01 Posts: 3,101 Member
    Sexy, its like a classic bad boy
  • TheMaidOfAstolat
    TheMaidOfAstolat Posts: 3,222 Member
    The guy I'm dating has a bit of grey in his goatee...he's 36 and it looks good. look a lot like him, lol. I have a pic of him in my profile.
  • jenpolak
    jenpolak Posts: 6 Member
    Love a goat or beard on a man who shaves his head.........very sexy! Your grey must be very slight, because it's not noticable in your pictures. I think a patchy grey looks bad, but salt and pepper looks hot!
  • blondski
    blondski Posts: 36 Member