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    Anyone else think of this?

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    I'm not doing OMAD, as I have eating 2 more times since that meal. This is not my normal diet, but it is part of my normal dieting routine that I do. I know it's a lot of food which is why I wonder if other people plan binges like me. You hear people talk about how they lost control or fell of their diet and feel bad. I on the other hand plan it, look forward to it and have no remorse about doing it. I was just shocked that people see it as a problem since once the dust settles at the end of the month or quarter or year, i'm not gaining weight and still pretty fit. Since i'm planning, I don't see it as me losing control, which seems to be another assumption people are making. Maybe one day the effects of doing this will finally show up, but in the last few years that I have been doing this, I have kept my weight steady and fitness at the same level.

    But why do you do it? Have you asked yourself why you feel the need? What's driving you? Surely you don't want to feel ill, so there is some element of losing control here, even if you planned your binge.

    Ironically, the reason you still have an appetite a few hours later is probably BECAUSE of the over-eating. Binge eating like that actually stretches your stomach and increases your appetite.

    Evidence for the bolded please...... Stomach distention is a mechanism of satiety from what I have read
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    I’m not looking for justification. I simply wondered if other people did the same thing. It’s just part of my diet. This is the results of it over past 3 years. uolincpnf1vj.png
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    Ok let’s say it’s not a diet. If someone tells you they are at 5’8 140 lbs with 14% body fat would you tell them they need to diet or keep doing what they are doing?
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    To be clear, I am not force feeding my self at these meals. I am simply eating until I feel satisfied. I guess when all the food finally expands in my stomach, that is when I feel like I overdid it.

    Been there many time, without the pre-planning but it happens. And fighting against it.
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    I was saying some other person with those stats. But that’s ok. The point of the thread was just to see if anyone else plan binge eats not if it was good or bad. I guess the answer is nobody else does it. My takeaway is people don’t think it’s healthy and it will lead to problems. Which may be true, and I’ll keep it in mind. But in the mean time I’ll listen to what my doctors say when they do my physicals and run my blood work on what health risk I may have.

    Also. I am not promoting my behavior nor am I telling people they can binge and lose weight and remain fit. I have a pretty stringent exercise/diet that I follow 340-350 days out of the year to allow me to do this on the remaining days. People should do what they can sustain and is working for them. For me this is working.

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    According to web md. I would answer yes to 3 out of 12 of their symptoms.

    BED Diagnosis

    You can be diagnosed with BED if you:

    Binge regularly -- on average, at least once a week for at least three months. No
    Eat a large quantity of food (more than others would eat) in a short amount of time, such as two hours, while feeling like you can’t stop or control how much you’re eating. Yes to large quantities. No to can’t stop.
    Eat when you’re not hungry. No
    Eat until you feel uncomfortably full. Yes
    Eat more quickly than usual. No
    Eat alone out of embarrassment. No
    Feel upset about your binges. No
    Feel guilty, depressed, or disgusted afterward. No
    You may also:

    Feel angry, anxious, or worthless before the binge. No
    Adjust your schedule to make time for binges. Yes
    Hide, steal, or hoard food. No
    Diet, skip meals, or eat very little to make up for binges. No
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    Yea, you are not a binge eater. More of a hedonistic eater. Still bad.
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    Doesn't mean there's anything to be ashamed of. On this site you are amongst many people who have had similar issues. But we answered your question truthfully... regardless of your weight, it's not a healthy thing to do.
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    @globalc00 I went into maintenance in May and I’ve been doing a version of what you are doing on an almost weekly basis.

    I will eat at a small deficit during the week and then once a week my wife and I go out and I have one nice long meal with adult beverages. Appetizers, drinks, good sized meal... I might do 2,000 calories in one meal! But this is how I’ve sort of found the best way to “maintain” over the week. I’m not a hedonistic binge-eater with an emotional problem with food, I just eat well 95% of the week and have a good time the other 5%. Been maintaining that way for almost 5 months now.

    As long as you are maintaining ok and there’s no other underlying health issues, do what works for you.
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    Not sure why you even asked the question if you felt you didn’t need help/guidance. You were bored? You wanted attention???

    It isn’t healthy; period. Discussion over.
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    I asked....
    Does anyone else purposely plan binge eating meals? I have a habit of going to ayce places and binge eating until the point where I can't move or about to puke. I don't feel bad about it after do it like most people. I do this about once or twice a month. Is this considered an unhealthy relationship with food? Doing this doesn't affect my weight.

    So not sure why replies weren't, No, I don't plan binge eats, Yes it is an unhealthy relationship with food.
    I don't see me asking if it was healthy for my body. I didn't ask if I should go get professional help. I didn't ask for help to break this habit. I didn't ask for people's opinion if this is a good diet strategy.

    I do want to say, I do appreciate people letting me know that this could lead to diabetes, and I am looking into it. But, a lot of the responses to assume that I have no control and I have a problem and I am young and grossly over weight were all way off, and felt like people were attacking more than helping.

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    You asked if it was unhealthy but you didn't ask if it was healthy for your body? :/ And then you also thank people for pointing out about the diabetes. That is contradictory.

    I just don't know why you started the thread if you didn't want advice and opinions. That's the whole idea? If you start an open thread you don't get to control what people say in response to your question. Maybe you should do a poll.

    You said that you eat to the point of wanting to puke and feeling ill and then asked if that is a healthy relationship with food. Obviously people are going to come on and try and encourage you to get some help.

    I don't think anyone was attacking you or assuming you had no control. You clearly state that you are a healthy weight and that you do this in a planned way on specific days. However, just because you are a healthy weight and this is planned, doesn't mean it's healthy (either for your body or a "healthy relationship with food")

    I certainly wasnt attacking you and pointed out that I have binged in the past too and you're in good company here. I do think that you are in some amount of denial and that's normal too. Bookmark the thread and re-read some of the comments on here if/ when you ever do decide you want to change this habit.