100lb down in a year. Now the challenge is to keep it off.

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Hi everyone,
I tried to use MyFitnessPal without success years ago when gave up smoking and I gained lots of weight.

Last October I had an operation and my doctor told my that I would not be alive to walk my daughters down the aisle unless I lost some weight. My blood pressure was through the roof. This had a big impact on me and I've lost 100lb in weight in one year (blood pressure is now normal and I'm not on any meds at all).

Now I've hit my goal weight, I'm worried about slipping into old grazing habits and putting it all back on again, so I've re-activated my account today and will be checking the calories for now on.

If you want to know how I lost the weight, I followed these simple steps.

1. Cut down on your portion sizes. - I use a side plate.
2. Use a small fork or teaspoon and slow down. Lay your cutlery down between mouthfuls. It should take 20min to eat you dinner.
3. Stop drinking anything fizzy. - fizzy drinks expand you stomach and then you eat more to fill the extra space.
4. Don’t drink whilst eating. If you feel like you need a drink, its because your belly is full and needs to be flushed by fluid to fit more in - don’t do it. When you finish eating wait 5min before having a drink.
5. Keep to food thats less than 3% fat and 5% sugar.
6. Exercise. I try to do a 30min mountain bike ride up and down some steep hills where I live 3 times a week.



  • driheataz
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    Congratulations on your amazing transformation! It is inspiring and your suggestions are right on!
  • snowflake954
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    Awesome transformation! You're right, maintenance is where you need to be careful. Best wishes.
  • StevefromMichigan
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    Super Job! That's an amazing transformation.
  • supercpa999
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    Wow congrats! Amazing job and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  • Jacq_qui
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    Massive success! congratulations - You look at least ten years younger and I bet you feel it too. Very inspiring!
  • zebasschick
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    very impressive - good for you!
  • 4Phoenix
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    Tracking and reflection will keep you mindful of your goals. You have worked hard; be vigilant to maintain your success. Best wishes for continued health!
  • WannaBeAnon
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    Interestingly, you look like you're supposed to be thin. Just suits you, good job! 110lbs down myself, and I agree with most of your tips
  • ibrake4bunnies
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  • tradercourt1
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    Very interesting stuff about the liquids! Congrats - and thanks for sharing.
  • LesField
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    Awesome job! I just shared with my husband...who generally isn't interested in losing weight, but sometimes I think he just needs guys who resemble him more to motivate him/make him think it might be worth it...and he was impressed.

    Tell him to make a start, he will feel so good about himself.
  • Diatonic12
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    Smart decisions, Les. Your skin is amazing! Bright eyed and so much younger.
  • violetvillainy
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    it's cool that you lost weight dude but wow is all of your advice a crock of horse dung
  • sweetsusie73
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    Pretty amazing transformation! Nice job.
    What part of the fitness pal app helped you the most? Logging food, logging exercise, tracking weight or inches?
  • LouHonner
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    Amazing job!
  • ndgerace
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    That is amazing! Great job. And your tips are also wonderful!
  • Lostboy1957
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    thanks for posting , your journey has kept my motivation going.
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    Congrats - Great Job