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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    charmmeth wrote: »
    charmmeth wrote: »
    (4 October)
    charmmeth wrote: »
    (30 September) My next mini-goal is to be below 77.5 kg which will take me into the top of my maintenance range (assuming I maintain at 75kg +/- 2.5 kg). Suddenly this feels pretty close! MFP gave me 75.5 kg as my "if every day were like this in five weeks you would weigh..." recently. That was back up to 77.7 kg yesterday, but it was a reminder that my goal is within striking distance.

    Well, I haven't make this goal yet, but I did my first 10 km rom (rowing machine, indoors) yesterday.... I am hoping to be below 78kg by the end of October.

    Less than a week later, I was surprised and very pleased to weigh in at 77.6 kg this morning after exercise. That's the lowest I have been for a few years and very nearly into the top of my maintenance range (77.5kg will be the top). Next goal is to be at this weight in the morning before exercise...

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    Remus42 wrote: »
    to reach 3000 miles on my mountain bike before winter hits hard. Almost there with less than 100 miles to go! I started in the middle of May.

    Well mine is in kilometers, but seeing your post made me curious as to how many I have on my mountain bike this year. So I calculated it (started mid April to now) and I have 728.33k which isn't anywhere near your 3000 miles, but I still call it a win! And perhaps I should make a mini goal of hitting 1000k before it gets too cold and snowy to ride.....hmmmmm :smiley:

    Yeah, that’s a win! I’ve been averaging 20 to 23 miles per day and ride every day, Other than the few days where I couldn’t because of rain. It’s the most riding I’ve done in my life!
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    We bought a water rower in July that was delivered Sept. 30.

    I am really enjoying my water rower! I hope you do/are too.
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