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  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,148 Member Member Posts: 3,148 Member
    @HoopsGuy72 Hel-looooooo, we miss you! 😘 😁
  • CamandJarvisCamandJarvis Member Posts: 753 Member Member Posts: 753 Member
    @HoopsGuy72 Hel-looooooo, we miss you! 😘 😁

    Yes yes yes we do!
  • musicsaxmusicsax Member Posts: 2,374 Member Member Posts: 2,374 Member
    musicsax wrote: »
    29 yo female

    Breakfast might also be a chocolate protein cake. That chocolate craving is starting to come around again, so I might nip it with the protein cake recipe. If anyone is interested I’m happy to share it!

    Yes please, I'd love to give it a go x
    This was my version of it yesterday but it is highly adaptable. This recipe is highly adapted form a recipe from this cookbook: Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure by Matthew Kadey RD

    This might actually be my breakfast again today but I'm going to try a yellow cake version :). I hope you enjoy it!
    Depending on ingredients used, its anywhere from 375-425 calories. I think mine clocked in around 400 calories yesterday.

    Thanks, added some needed items to my shopping list for this week and I'll let you know how I get on x.
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