How to get those narrow hips!



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    Wait.. what? And push the hips forward? Are we talking about increasing pelvic tilt, which most office workers have problems with anyway? Would be nice if TO came back and explained what he tried to say.
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    Sir, awaiting with baited breath your advice for technique to achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift.
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    I thought curvy hips/glutes were “in” now, not narrow/skinny. Am I wrong?!?

    But OP is male.

    Dontcha know, women all want the guys with the big broad shoulders, narrow hips . . . who walk pigeon toed, hips forward, and have joint problems. Yeah, that's it. 🙄

    OP, I'm gonna say exactly what I say to the young women who desperately want to resculpt themselves into some image far from their own amazing shapes, by doing foolish, unhealthful things: You have a wonderful body, with huge potentials. It carries you through life. (What would you do without it?) Stop trying frantically to be something other than who you are. Love yourself where you are now, and strive for improvements that make you the best possible *you*, not some theoretical idealized celebrity clone. Confidence (not arrogance, but self-valuing) is very attractive.
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    You're BORN with the bones you have and CANNOT change their width. Doing something asisnine as this defies how your body naturally moves.
    FOLKS DON'T DO THIS. If you're looking for hip problems later, this would be the cause. This causes femoral anteversion and you may need a hip replacement later if you intentional try to pigeon toe walk.

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    Yeah best solution to narrow one's hips after losing fat would be to go back a number of years and pick different parents.
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    I have enough trouble with my hips, I think my physio would actually cry if I inflicted this abomination on them.