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    After a routine blood test at the start of August 20, I was found to be healthy but pre-diabetes and scoring 66 when a diabetes diagnosis is 67. This has kicked me into action and 3 months later I am about to book another blood test but will be going into it 29lb’s lighter.

    I’m 6ft 2 and my height helped mask that I had ballooned to 19st by skipping meals, snacking, eating at the wrong times, eating junk food. My fitness pal has put some structure back and made me think about how I eat. Gone are the four bags of crisps a day and eating two meals from snack vending machines. I feel and look so much better.

    It does concern me though that the NHS website says my target weight is 13.5stone - I can’t imagine being that thin.

    Good for you! 29lbs is already more than 2 stone down and that's really impressive, and very nearly into overweight category on bmi for your height. You might want to set yourself some mini-goals along the way to 13 stone 7 lbs and normal bmi?

  • GabiV125
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    Break into the next decade. I’ve been 1-0.4 for 2 weeks .
  • solieco1
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    To fit into an airplane seat.

    You got this. I was born in Hattiesburg - Mississippi Girls are toughness wrapped in big hearts!
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