What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • dhiammarath
    dhiammarath Posts: 834 Member
    @hipari CONGRATS!!! Breaking through the 200 barrier is like flying at the speed of sound: you know it when you get there, you feel it as you pass through it, and it feels MAGNIFICENT!
  • moodybear2003
    moodybear2003 Posts: 225 Member
    So, I've operated in the same 20-30ish pound range for years. I'm close to getting out it. 278.4 is the lowest i have logged from June 2016. Once I get past that, I'll be the lowest recorded on MFP. I never weighed or paid attention before I joined, but I've been this pant size for a long while before joining.

    I feel like I can't "see" any progress when I look in the mirror, because I've been this weight before, but I FEEL it. I feel like my arms and thighs are smaller or more toned when I touch them. I feel less out of breath when I work out, I feel less back pain. I have so many NSV's, I can touch my toes. I feel the difference in my clothes.
  • tiffie_taffy
    tiffie_taffy Posts: 17 Member
    I’ve lost 10lbs this week (just started) I’m looking forward to my clothes not fitting anymore! (I need new clothes for work pretty badly but really don’t want to buy them just yet lol)
  • rhwiblin
    rhwiblin Posts: 26 Member
    I really want to lose 3.5 lbs by August 11th. My kids have a ballroom competition that day and I would love to hit a milestone for it. Then another 5 pounds by September 1st. That would put me at pre pregnancy weight for baby number 5...he is 2 now. 🤣 Not even looking at pre 1, 2, and 3-4 (twins)
  • hipari
    hipari Posts: 1,367 Member
    hipari wrote: »

    Also, my BMI is apparently now 29.97 so technically not obese, but that still rounds up to 30.0 so my next super-mini goal is to lose 0.1kg more so my BMI rounds up to 29.9 and I’ll be overweight and thus in the BMI class I want to stay in (I have several independent coaches/trainers agreeing that going below 25 would not be sustainable for my build and the amount of muscle I already have).

    Well, that was fast. I guess it really was a mini goal if it only took one extra day to reach it? This weight loss was long overdue tho, my monthly average weight has only come down 2.5lbs since May. That’s what vacationing will do to you, I suppose...

    Next mini goals: my next milestone weights (under 190lbs and under 85kg) seem too far away with my current rate of loss, so here are my next mini goals:
    - to lose 1kg, or 2,2lbs, within the next four weeks and increase my loss rate back to 0.25kg per week
    - apparently my Fitbit goal is set at 89kg, so losing the 600 grams to reach that
    - lose 1cm from my waist, so that will be less than 90 like my weight is now
    - lose 2cm from my hips, so that will be less than 100
    - lose 1cm from my butt, so that will be less than 115
  • motivatedmartha
    motivatedmartha Posts: 1,108 Member
    Wonderful picture. Congratulations on your anniversary and for your improved health and fitness. Great teamwork! A long, happy and active retirement to you both.
  • trish2016
    trish2016 Posts: 156 Member
    To lose 2 stone 10lbs by May 2019 & also to get healthy as I have thyroid issues which is piling weight on and causing me to have high blood pressure so I want to get down to 14stone and then work towards 12 stone.
  • ekelley44
    ekelley44 Posts: 34 Member
    To get into the 150's by labor day!
  • annewrites
    annewrites Posts: 15 Member
    Getting into the 140s! I've been plateaued at 155 for two weeks now. Hoping for a whoosh and then onward and downward
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