What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Candyspun
    Candyspun Posts: 370 Member
    New mini goal: to master shoulder hooping. I can kinda clumsily do it for a few seconds, so my goal is to be able to easily do it with flow, for as long as I want to! I’ve been practicing hard, and am pretty sure my chest, shoulders and arms will be covered in bruises tomorrow.
  • wyattjenniferl97
    wyattjenniferl97 Posts: 11 Member
    1.5 kg to my first major goal of 20kg lost
  • DeshotelK
    DeshotelK Posts: 183 Member
    After taking a week off, my mini goals: 1.) to stay within my calories each day this week, 2.) get in a workout each day. That one may be difficult with the kiddos' back to school stuff this week.
  • 1. Food prep this week and 2. Stay in macros
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