Just Give Me 10 Days - Rounds 134



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    Apparently, I am now the “date police!” OCD???
    @AR10at50 I think you skipped 12/8
    @MomLarisa You are going back in time 😁
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    Round 134

    12/9 - 135.6 - The Fitness app on my watch has been saying my average TDEE is about 2400 calories a day. That seemed really high to me, but I did the math last night. If I’m eating around 1600 a day (which is what I aim for but I’m not super precise) and burning 2400, that would put me at a loss of 1.6 lbs a week - and HappyScale has my rate at 1.5. Nice to know the numbers really do work out! 😂

    I use my apple watch my exercise daily. Where might I go to see my TDEE and/or is there an app that I need to purchase/download?