Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 135



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    @Lilylady3k Love your last line! TRUTH!

    @SModa61 and @musicsax Excellent suggestions! I have been enjoying a handful of Sea Salt Roasted Almonds every evening which do fit in my macros but I think it’s the salt I have been craving. Tonight I will suck on some salt crystals!
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    @prehistoricmoongoddess Happy birthday! Glad you had a celebratory day!
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    SW: 233.6
    GW: 170

    12/13 - 190.0
    12/14 - 190.0
    12/15 - 191.4
    12/16 - 192.8
    12/17 - 193.5
    12/18 - 194.0
    12/19 - 194.8
    12/20 - 194.8
    12/21 - 195.0
    12/22 -
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    @SheilaBoneham - Have an absolutely fab birthday today however you celebrate x
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    @musicsax @SModa61 Usually I don't have a problem with snacking. If I do, I know its because I didn't eat a good meal - in this instance, it was dinner. Last night, the kids snacked away and I was completely satisfied.

    I should, though, find a better/healthier alternative if I ever find myself in that situation again. If my body really is hungry (which I felt in that instance), I'm going to listen to it and give it what it needs. Your suggestions are wonderful and I'm definitely excited to keep things on hand for those days. Don't happen often, but better to be prepared when they do!
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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    29, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1
    R111 EW: 154.3
    R112 EW: 152.6
    R113 EW: 151.7
    R121 EW: 153.0
    R122 EW: 154.8
    R123 EW: 153.9
    R124 EW: 153.4
    R125 EW: 155.6
    R126 EW: 152.3
    R127 EW: 151.5
    R128 EW: 151.0
    R129 EW: 151.0
    R130 EW: 152.6
    R131 EW: 153.9
    R132 EW: 150.6
    R133 EW: 151.2
    R134 EW: 149.3

    Last weight
    12/12 - 149.3

    Round Goal: Fast 16+hrs on weekdays, 14+hrs on weekends. Up the water! Water minimum: 75oz, Goal: 91oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    12/13 - 150.1
    12/14 - 149.0
    12/15 - 149.7
    12/16 - 148.4
    12/17 - 148.1
    12/18 - 149.9
    12/19 - 147.7
    12/20 - 148.8
    12/21 - 147.9
    12/22 - 149.5 - EXPECTED! Though disappointed it happened at end of round, I'm not upset at it. I believe its mostly from rehydrating (80-85oz) and part to do with a lack of fasting yesterday (11.75hr). Kids wanted help making breakfast and they made some for me as well. I couldn't say no! Plus, I was very hungry (I'm guessing that was the late night goldfish snack rearing its ugly head). Today should be better - Dinner was fairly early and I ate well enough I didn't even want to snack. Real sleepy this morning so as I type, I'm working up motivation for a yoga practice to sneak in. Definitely just want to go back to sleep! Luckily our CEO was kind enough to give us an extra holiday for Wednesday so today is my last working day before the holidays. That's the potential for 3 extra hrs of sleep before BF wakes up (and therefore wakes me up haha)

    Previous Day's Comments
    12/13 - Not at all surprised with the bump up. Expected it to be more of an increase, honestly. Fasted 16hrs yesterday and 60oz water yesterday. Hoping to be AF today. It is a pretty chill day. I'll be content with a 12hr fast as I had a drink last night around a fire just talking - 12 hrs puts me at 230pm. Will see if I can push for longer but one day won't completely undo everything. Back on the wagon today with closing fasting window as early as I can after dinner.
    12/14 - Back down and then some. Visually a little bloated, though. I am not at all sure what is going on with this sudden weight loss. Yesterday I was very likely below calories but I wasn't overly hungry, either. Otherwise, I've been expecting significant bumps up. Fasted 5 minutes shy of 12hrs, hence the bloat. Also only got about 3-3.5hrs of solid sleep last night. 96oz water. No alcohol. Finished dinner early so unless BF makes breakfast for me, I can easily reach 17-18hrs. I will try to track food to make sure I'm eating enough. I did this last week and had plenty enough then. Wondering if my body was adjusting to fasting again? I've never had a long adjustment (10 weeks!) like that, but my hormone imbalance issue a few weeks ago may have prolonged a lot of things. May have reset my body, too, now that I'm back on track hormonally.
    12/15 - This is okay, I expected it. 18hr fast and only 70oz water yesterday. Dinner was late so I'm hoping to hit 17hrs today.
    12/16 - Ended up doing an accidental OMAD yesterday. Didn't get near enough water, either - estimating 48oz or so. Finally able to pass out last night and get good sleep. It was a super struggle to wake up this morning. Guess body and mind were trying to play catch up on several days of 3-4hr sleep. Attempting chicken crispitos today. Not sure how well it'll go, but I'm going to try it!
    12/17 - I'm not entirely sure what these drops are about. I'm certain I'm eating enough. I'm definitely feeling full during my meals and my body isn't reacting in any abnormal way other than the scale. Any long term IF-ers out there experience a steady weight/weight gain followed but a fairly sudden and quick drop? It seems too fast and too sudden, but this is the first time I've consistently fasted. Fasted 19.75hrs yesterday, water still not great - 36oz maybe? Need to get that back up, especially since the bloat has gone up. Crispitos were actually quite good yesterday. My first time frying anything like that. They're kind of like taquitos. I used venison and onion, cooked up. Took tortillas, wrapped the meat/onion in them, and fried. Garnish as you wish (salsa, hot sauce, cheese, etc. We thought of leftover night tonight and had the idea of pouring the leftover chili BF made over leftover crispitos. Excited to try that!). Its frigid to me - 25 degrees! I thought I moved away from this bitter cold, brrrr. Hope I don't catch a chill, like cold to the bones, early on that I can't seem to shake loose. Maybe a quick morning workout will warm me up enough I can curl up under my couch blanket to stay warm.
    12/18 - Its okay, expected! Fasted just shy 15hrs as I dealt with heartburn and needed to take antacids (which breaks the fast) so I had some homemade bread to supplement the antacids. Had Taco Bell (its next town over we don't go often) and then leftover crispitos for dinner. I'm actually surprised I stayed in the 140s with all that! about 75oz down, thankfully.
    12/19 - That's from not eating. I had some bread and butter to break my fast then wasn't hungry. Dinner was gumbo but I had a salad to start off and struggled to finish the salad because I wasn't hungry. Ended up pushing my fasting back a loooot by eating a handful of goldfish with the kiddo. 1030 will be 12hrs so hopefully I can push past that and get closer to 14hrs. Think I'm going through one of my not hungry bouts. I also have insatiable hunger bouts, too. Oh well. I don't feel unwell and trying to listen to my body. Figured having goldfish wouldn't hurt - sharing with the kiddo on the first night of seeing them again.
    12/20 - Expected. Friends birthday so we got dinner and sat around drinking and hanging out for awhile (socially distanced) to celebrate it. Not a lot of sleep, so I think that has to do with it as well. I think lazy day today. Kids are awake before me yesterday and today so busy with them from the time I get up until we go to bed. Not a bad busy, but definitely hard to do me things (like yoga). Its a sacrifice I'll make since we only get a week with them.
    12/21 - Back down. Scale flashed 147.7, my lowest for the round, but bumped back up just as the scale settled. Still battling my hunger. I don't feel overly hungry at dinner and then I get munchies when I see kids snacking at night. Not good. We ended up playing card games last night together and I had some goldfish crackers. Extending my eating window and now I have a good chunk of the day today dedicated to fasting. Ah well. I have a little more self control in the mornings anyway. Need to rein that in. Maybe force myself to eat a little bit more at dinner so I don't give in to any munchies later on. Water has not been good at all - wouldn't be surprised if I bump up tomorrow as I attempt to rehydrate today. That will be a good bump, though, as I'm starting to feel 2 days in a row of not drinking enough.

    y0w1f3xme3tx.pngCompleted: 9/15
    12/01 - :)What better way to beat anxiety than yoga. Today I'll try to get some meditative yoga to help me calm down after last night.
    12/02 - :/Yesterday I got halfway through my yoga workout and the dog started throwing up everywhere. I have a weak stomach so cleaning it had me gagging and running to the bathroom. Ruined the mood. Try again today to make up for it
    12/03 - :)Did get my yoga done yesterday. Yoga With Adriene has her December calendar up so I'm following those videos on the days I can practice. Yesterday was a 10 minute meditation yoga so I decided to get some movement as well by finishing the practice I didn't get to on 12/01. I just started over since it was also a pretty short one.
    12/04 - :/Started my yoga practice but was interrupted with BF waking up earlier than normal. The worst part about having a house a tad too small.
    12/05 - :)I realized I'm behind on YWA calendar. I did the meditation as day 2 instead of day 1! Oops. Hoping a short practice today since I'm not sure plans.
    12/06 - :/Didn't get a practice in and not sure I'll get one in today. Will have to focus on getting them done during the week and give myself slack on weekends since they're always spur of the moment.
    12/07 - :/No yoga. Couldn't even finish making coffee and BF was ready to go. I kind of figured that would happen. Hoping today I'll wake up a little bit more so I can get a practice in, even if its short and sweet.
    12/08 - :/No yoga, work has been crazy busy with meetings. Today is even busier! Almost back to back meetings. It'll be a miracle if I can get yoga in today. The remainder of my work week looks just as bad. Will keep looking for opportunities
    12/09 - :)Managed to squeeze in a really quick practice for gut health yesterday. Not sure I'll get to today, but I'll keep trying to squeeze something in whenever I possibly can!
    12/10 - :/Work got stupid busy so couldn't squeeze in a practice yesterday. Once my 630am meeting is over, I'll hop on the living room TV for practice since BF won't be up until 8 at the very earliest (plus I have an 830 meeting). I'm not as groggy this morning so I think I can push through to hopefully wake me up fully.
    12/11 - :)Right after my meeting I did a quick practice, but it was more of a morning wake up stretch to jolt some energy through you. It worked, I needed a good, over-the-top morning stretch
    12/12 - :/Didn't get a chance to, had to run errands early before the weekend flood of tourists made it in.
    12/13 - :)Got a quick ab yoga workout in and I'm still feeling it today. Whoooa! Need to find a nice simple practice since I'm running on 5-6hrs sleep right now (stupid insomnia) that won't leave me feeling too drained after
    12/14 - :)I didn't get to finish my practice, but I got most of it done, so I'm calling it a success.
    12/15 - :/I was so tired yesterday. Didn't get much sleep last night, either, but going to try for an easy stretch practice just to get some movement in
    12/16 - :/Didn't get one in yesterday. By the time I had any kind of energy, work blew up and I used my energy working.
    12/17 - :/Didn't happen. Was quite groggy and unmotivated yesterday. Sleepy this morning but the frigid cold shocked me awake enough I'm looking up a youtube as soon as I post to try to warm myself up with physical activity.
    12/18 - :/Ugh, I get interrupted right at beginning. Home alone today so definitely can get one in! I really will struggle with kids here so I need to put more effort into making it happen first thing in the morning regardless how sleepy/groggy I am.
    12/19 - :)Very short video, but got something in. Better than nothing.
    12/20 - :/Kids awake before me and on playstation/tv so no way for me to get to my YWA videos. Hopefully, tomorrow and Tuesday I can knock some out since I'll be awake so early for work. Can't imagine anyone but the daughter would be awake THAT early. Even she might not, despite being a morning person. If I can find a place to do it, I will try to sneak one in during the day off my phone -- space is NOT on my side when kids here.
    12/21 - :/Another day I couldn't get a practice in. Nobody awake yet so I'm about to pull up a video on the tv and knock it out. Only working today and tomorrow so I have to figure out how to get them done before kiddos wake up and take over tv Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. They will go home early Saturday so I'll be home alone all day and then back to just BF and I which I can hide in kids room to practice if need be (especially since gifts hidden in her room will be out of my way)
    12/22 - :)I did one! I didn't want to, but I did it. And I'm searching for one to knock out this morning even though I only want to sleep instead. Must. Meet. Goal. Must. Meet. Goal. Must. Meet. Goal.