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A life without sugar?

Arizona_CArizona_C Member Posts: 1,476 Member Member Posts: 1,476 Member

For years, much of my calorie intake has come from sugar or simple carbs. Cake, Chocolate biscuits, candy, and strong craving when I’m going without.

I know it’s a bad habit but I keep pushing taking an active step for breaking it. I fear something will fall apart, I cannot imagine a life without sweets. Like not stopping at the little store on my way to work for a Snickers for the road, or skipping cream cakes for desserts. Not to mention the bag of candy I always have in my handbag for whatever moment I feel like a sweet something.

As well I know there are a load of bad effects on the body of too much sugar, and I guess it would all in all be a better feeling to be without those sweets running through the system. I want to take the step and cutting down or cutting off, and would love to hear the experiences from you who have managed.
Do you feel better physically, has it been good for your skin? I guess it’s good in terms of weight regulation as well, still I’m in a healthy weight range so this is of little importance to me but maybe to others.
Thank you ever so much for sharing on this topic!


  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 2,112 Member Member Posts: 2,112 Member
    Arizona_C wrote: »
    For years, much of my calorie intake has come from sugar or simple carbs. Cake, Chocolate biscuits, candy, and strong craving when I’m going without.

    What does the rest of your diet look like? When you say "much" of your calorie intake comes from the high calorie, nutrient poor items you mention and you are at a normal weight you may not be getting adequate nutrition unless (as @AnnPT77 mentions above) you do a lot of exercise and/or have a very physically active job.
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  • vanmepvanmep Member Posts: 392 Member Member Posts: 392 Member
    I have not cut out sugar completely. But it is much more moderate than it used to be. I have noticed a significant difference in the roller coaster of energy levels - the highs and the crashes. I used to think it was normal to feel *kitten* for a good part of every day - thought that was what life is like. Nowadays I still have sugary treats every day but nowhere near the amount I used to. I also notice that I enjoy them much more because I know this is the only thing I am having today, so I really savour it.
  • eijajeijaj Member Posts: 20 Member Member Posts: 20 Member
    Can´t speak for others. But I was always worried if I could give up sugary things, since I seemed to have more cravings than others. I thought it would be a fight against cravings whole day every day. But it is not, the cravings did go down once I got some good food in. And I can still have some sweets every now and then within in my calories. I rarely have unplanned cravings I couldn´t satisfy with a bite of dark chocolate, or something else for under 150 calories.

    My skin didn´t clear up at the start, on the contrary, I started getting pimples in weird places, like on my back, forearm, ear lobe, neck and in the middle of my thigh. That was a weird phase.

    Energy is definitely up.
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 6,727 Member Member Posts: 6,727 Member
    I'm doing things like Dogmom does. Moderation, and I have a lovely dessert every evening, and a piece of fruit or some yogurt between lunch and dinner to keep me happy. Works for me.
  • Frodobaggins29Frodobaggins29 Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    Self confessed chocoholic here and I gave up sugar a few years ago. It’s surprising how your tastes change in n such a short time , if I have something with a lot of sugar in it it’s way too sickly sweet now. Surprisingly there are so many things without sugar in them that are sweet to taste and satisfying 👍
  • misslizzierodmisslizzierod Member, Premium Posts: 57 Member Member, Premium Posts: 57 Member
    I think it’s important to think long-term. Is this something you can do long-term? Will you be happy or miserable always depriving yourself?

    Some people can do fine without sweets and don’t crave much of it. That’s awesome but if you do enjoy sweets, why not treat yourself every now and then? As stated previously, life is too short to not indulge every once in a while.

    I think completely cutting sugar out if it’s something you enjoy, is not something that is sustainable long-term. Maybe reducing your sugar intake would be a good start.

    Of course you know yourself better than anyone, so decide on something you know you can stick with while keeping healthy choices and alternatives in mind. Do what works best for you living a healthier and happier lifestyle long-term 😊

    Also, sometimes when we deprive ourselves of something we love, we end up binge eating and eating much more of that during a moment of weakness and hunger. Maybe start off with baby steps? Best of luck!
  • dragon_girl26dragon_girl26 Member Posts: 2,180 Member Member Posts: 2,180 Member
    I'm a sugar fiend. If it really were true that to lose weight I'd have to give up sugar completely, then I'd just be fat forever. Luckily, though, that isn't true or necessary.
    I love my candy...chocolate..cake. A table full of all you can eat desserts, like our usual family Thanksgiving, gets ugly pretty quickly.
    It is worth noting for me, though, that the sugar cravings usually hit under certain conditions. ToM is the worst one, but stressful situations also trigger cravings pretty badly. I guess that's the thing to ask...are these truly cravings you have, or is it something tasty to eat out of boredom/stress/ other triggers? Do you have other things to enjoy during downtime to keep you (distracted) occupied?
    Here are what works for me:
    Eating less sweets, or limiting it to one or two a day, tends to help me want it less...also, getting enough fat and protein, especially protein, and dark leafy greens in my diet lessens my want for sugar. Put your focus on a richly nutritious diet (getting enough vitamins,
    fats, proteins, servings of vegetables..) and then fill in remaining calories with sweets. Mindful eating is effective too...see how long you can savor the treat. Take small bites and really take time to enjoy what you're eating. Drinking tea can help, too. Another thing to try when a craving hits is eating pickles! I don't know why, but sometimes it works.
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  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 25,090 Member Member Posts: 25,090 Member
    lgfrie wrote: »
    I eat waaaaaaaaaaaaay less sugar than I did before I started dieting, which was well over a year ago. I still have small treats (like a piece or two of Dove chocolate, 44 calories each), but no mega-fests of ice cream and sacks of chocolate kisses and the like. My overall observation would be that I feel WAAAAAY better without the sugar. No sugar crashes, less need to nap, more even energy level and mood - it's all been upside for me. I hope to never revert to old habits, because I feel much better with the new ones.

    I used to want to nap every afternoon. I don't remember what I was eating back then, but I'm sure I was getting way to many carbs in relationship to protein, and was trying to get a pick-me-up though candy bars, which would just make things worse.
  • Arizona_CArizona_C Member Posts: 1,476 Member Member Posts: 1,476 Member
    A huge thank you for your posts on the topic, it has helped me looking at the high sugar intake otherwise.

    @Theoldguy1, I guess I should take a look at the rest of my diet, once the subject is up. I have a protein shake for breakfast (50g protein), often rice/ broccoli for lunch and bulgur/green beans for dinner. And two slices of toast with butter and cheese before bedtime, which isn’t the best time for a loaded snack.
    And the sugary things all along.
    The healthy fats I get in mainly with olive oil at my meals and salmon occasionally.

    I am aware that some simple things could make my diet healthier – trading down the sugar to add more fruit and complex carbs, adding different protein and healthy fat sources, etc. In that way, it isn’t that Im ignorant to the fact that too much of my calorie intake comes from sugar where other sources would be better.

    Its more that I cannot manage to cut sugar, in form of candy, etc, out. And I have tried to lower it multiple times, making deals with myself to stick to a reasonable quantity, for shortly after rave around in the cupboards to see what I can find otherwise.

    The love the notion of ‘enjoying reasonable quantities’. In periods it has worked for me but not at the moment. There is too much going on around me and I don’t have the quiet time I need to keep the fine balance.

    @elisa123gal, I feel terrible about it. I feel bloated, uncomfortable in my skin, and I have the feeling I am letting myself down. My sugar eating doesn’t correspond to the life I wish, and the feeling of dependence is getting to me.
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