Ideas for Brussels Sprouts

So, neither my husband nor I are big brussels sprouts fans. However, a miscommunication with Imperfect Foods lead to them sending us some brussels sprouts. My husband thinks we should just throw them away since neither of us particularly like them, but I HATE food waste.

Anyone have a good recipe for Brussels sprouts for people who think they don't like Brussels Sprouts?


  • quiksylver296
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    I vote throw them away. I’ve tried them every way, and BLECH!!! 🤢
  • MikePfirrman
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    Roast them with some olive oil. Then sprinkle with garlic salt and some drizzled balsamic vinegar.

    One restaurant we go to has them deep fried and then served with baked goat cheese. They are really good. I wasn't a brussel sprout fan as a kid at all. My wife got me to where I tolerated them. Now, I do like them prepped the right way.

    I have also made them at home like a warm bacon salad (both with bacon and without). Cut the stems off and pulse in a food processor. Stir fry in bacon grease or with olive oil until tender and serve with a sauteed onions, apples, pomogranate seeds and walnuts. Can add pears too.

    Really the trick to Brussel Sprouts is they are bitter. Cooking helps with that but something else is needed, typically, to cover up some of the bitterness. Balsamic is great, so is anything sweet/sour. Roasting takes a lot of the bitterness out of them.

    Here's a good recipe.
  • Jennliftsandspins
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    Halve, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast halved side down. Roast at 450° for 26 minutes.
  • RelCanonical
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    I'll put in another vote for roast. For me, I'm big on cutting in half, adding olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese, and then roasting.
  • rosebarnalice
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    While I like them oven roasted, a few go a long way for me, so I'd opt for shredding and adding to salads, slaw or even veggie soup
  • JENAC2012
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    I cook them in the air fryer. Fast, easy & delicious.
  • skelterhelter
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    I love brussel sprouts, but yeah, throw some cheese all over it and it'll be good lol. Swiss, mozzarella, parmesan...all good.
  • bold_rabbit
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    I like them roasted than mixed with tortellini, bacon, and a white sauce.
  • 2furryfriendz
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    Another good recipe is to shred all the Brussels sprouts and “stir fry” it with garlic and pancetta. Doesn’t even taste like you are eating sprouts. So good 😊
  • litoria
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    Yum, I love sprouts!
    Score them in quarters, dry roast until crispy, toss in honey, throw in a bit of dukkah/crushed nuts. Serve on hummus
  • MaltedTea
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    litoria wrote: »
    Yum, I love sprouts!
    Score them in quarters, dry roast until crispy, toss in honey, throw in a bit of dukkah/crushed nuts. Serve on hummus

    👀 This is different! Does this recipe have a name or hail from a specific region @litoria? I'd like to try it 😋

    I like Brussel sprouts. Roasting would be fancy to me and I tend to just steam them and sprinkle a bit of nutritional yeast or cheese or pair them with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic.

    But I think steaming them is what gets most people 🤮
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    Only one answer here and that is to boil the sprouts for three minutes then fry for five minutes with bacon bits and butter.
  • wilson10102018
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    Render the fat from a couple strips of diced bacon. Remove the bacon and heat the fat to just smoking. Scorch halved and trimmed Brussels sprouts until they are slightly blackened on the outside. Add finely chopped shallots and saute. Turn down the heat, add chicken or turkey broth and simmer until the broth is just reduced.
  • a_ross94291
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    i love brussel sprouts! at first i hated them.
    what i do is i rinse them. and shred them with a knife and boil them until they are soft then saute them with some salt and pepper and a little bit of oil. you can add any seasoning that you like and you can even throw in some chopped cooked bacon to cook with them . they are to die for
  • cwolfman13
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    Love brussel sprouts...I often roast them, but I also will sauté them in some bacon renderings and then toss in the chopped up cooked bacon at the end.
  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    I just boil them for a couple of minutes (rule of thumb for me for all cruciferous veg is to boil until I can *just* smell them if I waft the steam towards me!). Lemon Pepper makes a good topping but fresh black pepper is also perfect.

    I regularly eat just a plate of sprouts for dinner. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll dump some Dijon (or Harissa) into some Skyr and use as a dip. I’ve recently wondered how they’d be with Wasabi in the Skyr. 🧐 Need to try that soon!

    I’ve tried roasting and they’re ok that way but they seem to lose something of their ‘green fresh’ taste which is what I especially appreciate about veg. Root veg are good roasted - green veg are better steamed or boiled very very lightly for me.
  • Laughter_Girl
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    I wish they had been accidently sent to me. I LOVE roasted Brussel sprouts. My mouth is practically watering, and I'm actually full right now. :D Let us know how you prepared them and what you thought after trying them again.
  • dragon_girl26
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    My favorite way to eat them is to roast them with parmesan cheese, olive oil, and an obscene amount of garlic.

    However, another way I discovered I like them is to make honey nut Brussels sprouts! I'm struggling to find the recipe at the moment, but I'll post when I do.