Women 200lb+, Let's Keep On Fighting This February!!!



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    @goal06082021 Yeah, we were joking about the "sunshine state". Still, much better than the highs below zero that we had at home. It was my first time to Florida and it was nice to see all the different types of plants growing there and to see the gulf coast. Just beautiful. I had never seen such white sand before!
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    @goal06082021 @kali31337 - Such a good point about us all having different mindsets and behaviors, just the same way we all have different physiology. I'm 100% a moderator when I'm "on the wagon", as long as I'm actively - preferably pre-logging - all my food I can just take a reasonable portion of whatever treat that works for now and put the rest back in the cupboard. When I'm not logging or tracking at all then if I want to eat a whole "share bag" of crisps at 1000cals a go then nothing is going to stop me, besides having to go out and get it!
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    @goal06082021 What is Ring Fit Adventure- story mode?
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    @spotteddingo Ring Fit Adventure is a video game for the Nintendo Switch console, where you fight monsters by exercising at them and save the world with the power of fitness, LOL. It uses controllers strapped to your leg and a Pilates ring to detect your movements, count reps, give you feedback on form, etc. There's a story mode, where you exercise to advance the plot (jog in place to move through the level, do various bodyweight moves to fight the monsters), as well as several mini-game modes where you can do different activities to target specific areas of the body. It's a lot of fun, if you have access to a Switch I highly recommend it. The music and character design are excellent, but that's like Nintendo's whole thing, so of course it is.
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    @goal06082021- I thought it had to do with the Switch. My daughter was talking about that this week. It sounds like a fun way to get some exercise and something my daughter and husband might enjoy, too! I will look into it! Thanks.
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    @mumof6sv OMG, I do that ALL the time. The app is terrible, I much prefer to access the forums on the desktop site. Great job this month!
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    Friday Weigh-in
    Feb 26: 204.4 - Down 1.6 lbs

    It was a good week and nice to see progress. I think the additional fruits and veggies paid off. I know the model is a long as one eats within their allotted calories, they will lose weight, but I don't just want to lose weight. I really want to be healthy. So, for me that means eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes and nuts. I want to reduce - not eliminate - my intake of processed vegetarian meatless products, which I plan to challenge myself to do this upcoming week. Finally, I want to continue consistently exercising and drinking my water.

    I have a lot of life left to live, and I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Hoping March will be a success for all of us!
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    @BethWallace1 Definitely praying for you. It's obvious you are frustrated and seemingly discouraged, and that's understandable. Hang in there.

    @mumof6sv Been there for that... more than once. It's so annoying. Congrats on your loss though. You're on fire!

    @goal06082021 Good job maintaining! Although you may have went over your daily goals, you obviously didn't go crazy. That's worth mentioning. I think I'll measure myself too. I haven't done that in forever, and it can be a great motivator when the scale is not cooperating.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Enjoy your time at the gym and just be safe. You and your friend encouraging one another along the way will help I'm sure. It's great to have that support.

    @IsETHome So glad you're feeling better. May the scale be friendly to you when the time comes.

    @pamiede Luck is for leprechauns. All you need is will power and determination. You've got this. Congrats on reaching goal number one!
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    @pamiede Congratulations on achieving your goal, and so much more actually!! Your strength and perseverance are inspiring to me and I'm sure to other ladies following your posts xoxo