Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • IWillBeSlim35
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    Been in and out of mfp for 7 years tbh out more than in.
    Feel free to add me.
  • JustaNoob
    JustaNoob Posts: 140 Member
    100lbs to lose! Add meeee!


    Mostly I like the idea of writing statuses that help me to workout my thoughts on weight loss. I have a lot of friends in real life who have heard me talk a million times about what I'm doing and I feel like the girl that cried wolf. Only this time the wolf is real and I'm losing this weight! :D
  • Sugarplumfairy89
    Sugarplumfairy89 Posts: 10 Member
    Starting again today and I need some motivation and friends to get me through! Please add me :)
  • Chanser
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    edited February 2021
    I have used Fitness Pal since Live Strong started charging to use it. I would love more friends. I am easy going, funny and I love to encourage others. I love to see member profiles that are filled out and members that post statuses and pictures of their journeys. Add me if you are looking for the same.
    MSJUICY85 Posts: 30 Member
  • ftellstrom
    ftellstrom Posts: 28 Member
    I would love more friends!!
  • twirthg
    twirthg Posts: 81 Member
    Hi, I could use more motivation.
  • kaytyl2
    kaytyl2 Posts: 142 Member
    Yes add me please if anybody wants some new friends for motivation!!
  • JDMac82
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  • manjirinaik
    manjirinaik Posts: 3 Member
    I’m looking for a community to keep me inspired on my journey too...
  • kaskalany
    kaskalany Posts: 33 Member
    New Friends are always welcome :wink:
  • sqwelchy
    sqwelchy Posts: 7 Member
    Looking active friends
  • ABunny1980
    ABunny1980 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm back here again. I'd lost and keep off 90lbs for three years. Then with covid, medical and stress it's back. I'm not even sure of my weight right now I'm scared to check. I could definitely use some friends on this app that know the struggle.
  • ej_maries
    ej_maries Posts: 43 Member
    I'm always up for new friends!
  • ariacherry0
    ariacherry0 Posts: 2 Member
    Looking to have some friends that are active even if it's just generated by the app just that keeps me motivated 😊
  • Lorien236
    Lorien236 Posts: 16 Member
    Add me, I need some more active accountability buddies :smile: xx
  • skinnyfat_tohealthy
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  • SonyaGQuiles
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    Hey guys! I just started back yesterday with MFP and am looking for actual fitness pals, LOL. I need to lose 60+lbs so I'm on here for the long haul. Thanks so much!
  • tyler1892
    tyler1892 Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to add :)
  • SteaksNsteel
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    Add me as well!! Looking for more friends