Same or Different?

Do you prefer to eat the same foods every day for simplicity/calorie count/nutritional consistency; or do you like to constantly change up your menu?

Me? Other than my daily must-have morning coffee and mostly-daily chocolate fix, I like to eat a wide variety of foods with very few repeat meals. The exceptions are the rare occasions when I buy or make a fresh item that I'll use up rather than freeze.

What about you?


  • SuzySunshine99
    SuzySunshine99 Posts: 2,766 Member
    I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, just because I'm not a breakfast fan, but don't feel well if I don't eat SOMETHING, so cereal and yogurt every day.

    For lunch I rotate though just a few things....usually a big salad or soup, very occasionally a sandwich.

    I save the variety for dinner. I like looking up new recipes, trying new things, and have a wide rotation of regular favorites.

    I think I'd personally get overwhelmed trying to plan a vast variety of foods for all three meals every day. This way, breakfast and lunch I don't have to think about and I can just concentrate on planning dinners.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,633 Member
    my breakfasts and lunches are usually the same. just because its easy.

    dinner is always dinner.

  • wunderkindking
    wunderkindking Posts: 1,614 Member

    I eat the same things for a week or two at a time, burn out and rotate to something else.
  • Noreenmarie1234
    Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 7,291 Member
    Same. I eat the same exact foods every day for months and months and only change up my night snack. I am a creature of habit lol.
  • Arralethe
    Arralethe Posts: 42 Member
    I meal plan a week in advance (partly because it's easier for grocery shopping and cutting waste), and have between 4-6 weeks that I just switch in and out. However, I cook every recipe for serving 4, and there's only 2 of us, so we have leftovers half the time, which thankfully saves my brainpower and evenings.
  • lemurcat2
    lemurcat2 Posts: 7,893 Member
    Different. I will usually make enough for leftovers and so repeat during the week, but often even that will be changed up some. When I was eating breakfast, however, I'd have the same basic thing (omelet but with different vegetables and a few different alternatives for what to have on the side; smoothie with the same basic template but different fruits, veg, and fat sources).
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,878 Member
    I love to try new foods and new combinations. I'll typically make something different for dinner each night and then have the leftovers for breakfast/lunch over the next couple of days. There are some foods that I eat pretty frequently (beans, cabbage, broccoli) and some cuisines that I'll eat more often (Mexican, Indian, Thai), but the specifics are always changing.
  • Speakeasy76
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    Breakfasts, lunches and snacks are typically the same rotations. Dinner is when I like to get more creative. I do it more for simplicity and meal planning purposes than for nutrition al/calorie count reasons.
  • vanmep
    vanmep Posts: 396 Member
    Exact same breakfast every day. A couple of different lunches with the occasional leftovers from dinner the night before. Dinner is different every day with a rotation of probably 10 -15 different meals depending on mood.
  • rosebarnalice
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    Breakfast iand lunch aresame but different. Brekkie is usually savory oatmeal with veggies, and lunch is usually a salad, but I mix up the seasonings and flavor profiles quite a bit.

    I like variety for dinner!
  • ChickenKillerPuppy
    ChickenKillerPuppy Posts: 273 Member
    Same breakfast, lunch, and snack. Have a handful of dinners I pick from. I like them and they make maintenance easier
  • kshama2001
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    I also save my creativity for dinner.
  • KNoceros
    KNoceros Posts: 319 Member
    Generally variants on a theme for breakfast and lunch, with different dinners.
  • elisa123gal
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    . Over time I've done two things. cut meal prep down..and created tasty healthy recipes.

    I created automated meals that are tasty and easy to prepare in minutes or prep. ( the time to meal prep..gets OLD..bland diet food gets OLD). So, I create whole food recipes for all my meals.. I never just count calories and eat pop tarts and any processed food and just log it ... I don't do that ever.

    The way you lose it how you have to maintain it. that's my motto..
  • ninerbuff
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    I eat the same foods over and over again. I just rotate them.

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  • age_is_just_a_number
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    Breakfast almost always the same. Lunch usually salad with hummus, but sometimes different. Dinner almost always different.
  • Poobah1972
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    I would say, we have a fairly set in stone breakfast schedule with a twist on Friday / Saturday mornings. And a fairly steady weekly Supper schedule with a twist Fridays and Saturday nights.

    Monday to Thursday's breakfast is pretty much this...


    Some people might get sick of egg's and bacon, but myself, my fiance and my brother (who eat break together every weekday morning) love it, every single day.

    Friday we tend to have Decadent Toast day... Just a small variation centered on low carb toast and whatever yummy spread we put on it.


    Saturday morning I either make a low carb Waffle or pancake with bacon... Or my fiancé makes a low carb bacon egg McGuffin or Omelets.

    Suppers / Lunches

    Monday to Thursday we almost always have the following (sometimes the day's switch around)... Strip Loin or Prime Rib Steak, Italian Sausages or hamburgers, Roasted Chicken Legs or Thighs, Pork chops. The following day, we have left over Supper for Lunch. Fridays, 50% of the time is a home made low carb pizza of many varieties, or something completely new we want to try. Saturdays usually involve a little something that takes time to prepare and cook, whether it's a turkey, roast, Foe Shepard's Pie, Cabbage Lasagna, Pork/beef ribs etc.

    We also have family over every other Saturday. Grand Daughter and son/daughter plus a few more. So generally cooking for ~10 people.

    Vegetables portions typically are Salad, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, and Asparagus (when on sale). We also have a large portion of sautéed mushrooms with Steak night.

    All the above work well with are desired macro, and little thought needs to be taken on our part to know we eating where we want to be.

    So pretty much, just all the above on repeat. (Love all of it, so that's a bonus.)
  • ajlmfp22
    ajlmfp22 Posts: 54 Member
    I like the convenience and consistently of eating the same thing every day. Boring and monotonous, but I don't mind it.
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,842 Member
    I like variety and eat different things all of the time.
  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,550 Member
    I do both at the same time. I eat a variety of little things but it's every day.