March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @rheddmobile I don't know what kind of watch you have, but I've been playing around with routes lately on mine and discovered how amazing it is.

    I ran yesterday morning, my standard "Around the Block" 6-ish km, and then in the afternoon took the kids to the Polar Bear Club meeting. This was my 3rd time, their 2nd time, and we love it. They meet twice a week at a local outdoor pool (closed for the winter except to this group and another club that meets on Sundays). They are a very fun group of people - of all ages. It's just too bad we got started so late in the season, as this is the last month they'll be meeting. It was just above freezing yesterday (air and water around 2 or 3°C), so a "normal" day for them.

    Tonight is running club, so I'm trying to get my mind ready for that... last week was really challenging for me.
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    Good luck with Big Stanky Creek run this morning @rheddmobile ! I hope you don't get lost and have fun! It sounds like a challenging course. I'm looking forward to hearing about how it went.

    Glad you are back @Faebert ! It sounds like you are doing everything right to get your fitness back. You'll get there. I'm in the same boat, coming back from my open heart surgery. We can do it.

    @polskagirl01 You are doing great getting involved with groups in your new location. I'm not sure I would want to be in the Polar Bear Club myself, but glad you are all enjoying it. You'll do great at the running club. Just remember how much fun, even if it was challenging, that you had last week.

    You'll rock the race and shoes this weekend @marisap2010 !
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    3-1 7k slow
    3-2 7k easy
    3-3 7k easy
    3-4 7k slow
    3-5 7k easy
    3-6 7k measy (between moderate and easy)
    3-7 7k slow
    3-8 7k moderate
    3-9 7k easy

    March Total: 63k
    March Goal: 150k

    Mostly sunny, low 40s F, and little wind today. Gave some thought to just shorts and a short sleeved tech shirt, but my wife said "no." Plenty of plump robins today; and most of the ice has disappeared from the ponds.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2021 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs (second attempt)
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    Good luck @rheddmobile !

    @marisap2010 Good luck on your race. I actually saw someone wearing those shoes at my race this past week and I thought of you! They are definitely easy to spot!!

    @Faebert Glad to have you back. I have no doubt that you will get there! Keep on truckin'.
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    March 1 – Exercise Bike (6.33 miles) + Strength training
    March 2 – 5.07 miles
    March 3 – Exercise Bike (7 miles) + strength
    March 4 – 5.35 miles (morning) + 3.05 miles (evening – hill repeats)
    March 5 – rest
    March 6 – 12.01 miles
    March 7 – Hiking – 2.27 miles – 1340 elevation gain
    March 8 – 5.18 miles
    March 9 – 3.34 miles

    I took my bike to the shop at lunch today for a routine service and then went out for a short run. It was just too nice of a day not to go out. Temp was around 61F and it was partly cloudy but mostly sunny! 😊

    @shanaber – I had to laugh at you not knowing the value of the coins but they inspired you to move more anyway! Some times it’s the little things!
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    @shanaber I didn't realize how you started running. I love that story. I'm glad your hamstring and Hobbes are doing better. The challenges that your insurance has sound great. I wonder how many people who don't already exercise actually start because of that? My guess would be not many, but I guess just one is worth it.

    @polskagirl01 Soon that pace will be easy for you too!

    @sarahthes Welcome back. It sounds like you have a very reasonable plan to get to that 5K distance. I like the run/walk method. I do that most of the time, especially on my long runs - well, I did and will again once I get there again. That's all I am doing right now as I am coming back from open heart surgery to repair an aneurysm.

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    3/1 - 2.75 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/2 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/3 - 2.00 miles - 3.5 mph - Driveway laps
    3/4 - 2.70 miles - 4.5 mph - First run/walk after surgery on the rural road near home
    3/5 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Field walk
    3/6 - 3.00 miles - 4.6 mph - Walk/run on rural road
    3/7 - 2.00 miles - 3.7 mph - Field and driveway walk
    3/8 - 2.25 miles - 4.0 mph - Walk/run on the driveway
    3/9 - 2.50 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk - ladder

    March total: 21.2/62 miles

    I got up early in order to get my walk in before I went to work today. I wanted to stop at mom's afterwards and knew I wouldn't have time to do that and walk too. Turns out I really wouldn't have, since I worked an hour longer than planned.

    The ladder I did today was 3.5 to 3.8 to 3.5 mph with five minutes at each step, except I did 10 minutes at 3.8 mph. I really felt like it should have been more than 3.6 mph, but that's not what the math showed, and whose going to argue with math?
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    @sarahthes wrote: »
    Hi! So it's been a while. 18 months or so since the last time I ran and probably 2 years since the last time I posted to this group, but I've been following the Facebook page and I recognize a few people still.

    I've signed up for a virtual 5K in May, and I'm completely deconditioned. So my goal for March is to walk 5 days a week until the last week of the month, and then start C25K on around the 30th. Goal for the race is to complete 5K by doing a mix of walking and running.

    I have a long term goal as well. I've challenged an online friend, who is rehabbing from a broken ankle, to a destination race in mid 2022 (COVID permitting). Ideally a half marathon, but we will play it by ear depending on his recovery and how fast I regain my former fitness level.

    *dew claws up*
    Really great to see you back!