My success so far.

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It took me a year and a half just to do the introduce yourself post, which I did this morning. I thought maybe I should put this here as it fits a bit better. My name is Rich, I'm 29. I spent probably close to 13 years hiding away in my house. Too ashamed to show my face. Scared whoever saw me would snap a pic.. make me a joke.. or worse.. embarass my family or blame them for how I turned out.. the truth is I had a tough childhood in the way that I had a few mentally taxing medical and learning/schooling issues bombard me at once. I didn't handle it well, mostly because I couldn't. But I have always been a fat kid, that wasn't the cause of my obesity. My problem was that I am NEVER full. Nothing is satiating no matter what restrictions I put in place what macros I tried to eat at, or how many small/frequent or larger/separated meals I had throughtout the day.. one thing never changed. My body feels like I'm starving. Not just hunger or craving.. but like I haven't had a piece of food in days. It's extremely odd. I had too many excuses and reasons to quit. I let fear and my quite crippling depression and negative thoughts rule me for over a decade.. but I wanted nothing more than to fit in.. be like everyone else. I want to work, drive, laugh.. I want to live, like everyone else. So one early *kitten* morning from binging youtube with pizza rolls to distract myself.. I made the decision that I was finally going to make that dream a reality.. that choice had come to me countless times.. they always ended in failure and even more weight gain. Maybe I didn't try hard enough or didn't really mean it, but this time was different. Since then (August 1st 2019), I have lost ~230 lbs. I'm very proud of what I have done so far. But it's so hard with this constant hunger looming over me. I hope this can inspire someone, or maybe you can relate to one part of the short story or another.. but I'm just getting started.. I have a lifetime to make up for and a lifetime of consistency and progress to strive towards. I can finally say that now I'm finally living.. and not just existing. Thank you for reading. And good luck on all of your goals and wellness journies.f9ctx0esiykd.jpg


  • JohnBarth
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    Amazing work!
  • lexirelissofia
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    Amazing!!! You’re truly an inspiration

  • brenn24179
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    wow, you look so different. I know carbs seem to make me hungry. I can tell a lot of difference in my appetite when I cut way down on my carbs. I love that saying it is not the weight you lose but the life you gain. Looks like you are gaining a good life! Congrats!
  • Littlepeeper
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    Very exciting to hear about your story and the gains you are making for the life you want to live. You are beautiful inside and out.
  • Eaglesfanintn
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    Congratulations on your success!
    I completely understand about the hunger. I've been at it (well, this round on my yo-yo) for a couple of months and I said to my wife the other day, "when will I stop being hungry all the time?" Sometimes it depresses me and other times, I use it as a vanquished foe - I beat you today, hunger. And, I'm going to beat you tomorrow. I keep thinking that my stomach will eventually shrink, and maybe it has, but those pangs rarely go away or go away for very long.
    But, you should be proud of what you've accomplished and your attitude about it all is fantastic.
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    What a transformation! I hope that the doctors can help you figure out why your hunger switch doesn't switch off. I have taken to drinking lots of water and tea to help combat my faulty switch, and also some listening to hypnosis will sometimes help but usually just puts me to sleep. I avoid extreme boredom and/or stress as much as possible because that seems to drive me to want to eat, but that is a mental hunger.

    You look great! Congratualtions.
  • AmyE26
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    You have done absolutely brilliantly and you look fantastic :smile:
  • mroper295
    mroper295 Posts: 11 Member
    Amazing! Even with all the cards stacked against you, you have found a way to succeed!

    I wish you the best of luck in figuring out a root cause for your hunger and hope you can find someone to help unpack all the emotional baggage too.
  • StephanieStC
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    Wow! Congratulations! You must be so proud of/happy with yourself! You've done a tremendous thing for yourself!

    Also, I just want to say I'm so sorry you went through all that shame and depression. I hope you are feeling better now.
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