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Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 146



  • CamandJarvisCamandJarvis Member Posts: 982 Member Member Posts: 982 Member
    musicsax wrote: »
    @CamandJarvis - what model motorbike did you get ? My DH's is way too heavy and tall for me to manage, fine when actually going along, but when stopped at junctions/parking up etc. it's just too much for me; I can't handle it. I've not had a bike since I was 20 something and tend to ride pillion nowadays, but sometimes I feel tempted to get my own again; I do hold a full licence. Or will I just be having it for the sake? Will it sit mostly in the garage? I don't know, just can't decide!!!

    I was the same way! I've had my full license since 2014, but haven't been on a bike since I got it! I definitely need this refresher course. In particular because I last road was before my back injury/surgery and my body has changed. I feel muuuuuuch better being in a safe environment of a course to re-learn and get comfortable before I attempt being on the street. I live in a quiet neighborhood, but there's still people around. I'm not going to hit main streets until I've gotten very comfortable in my neighborhood, either. I'm setting steps for me to graduate to. Maybe it's the fact that I've grown up or maybe after my injury I'm just more scared, but I'm sure it makes my poor mom feel better about me being on a bike!

    I have a Harley XL1200X 48. It is lighter than BF's Street Bob and doesn't have the engine upgrades he has to add CCs to it. He took it out yesterday to the gas station a block away and said it does have a pep in its step, but not as bad as his Street Bob so as long as I'm careful, I'll be much safer. Plus, I could easily stand it up, even with my bad leg (which happens to be the left leg and the side the bike leans on its kickstand... THAT was the big factor). I'm 5'5 (165cm) and can stand it up and be flat footed which gives me a LOT more confidence in it rather than balancing on the balls of my feet.


    Not the best picture, but I tried! BF's Street Bob is in background and you can see a tad bit of his brand new (to us) Glide there on the left side.
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  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,547 Member Member Posts: 3,547 Member
    @cpanus Spring in California and spring in Las Vegas - 60s there and 94 here. I remember Easters when it snowed in Colorado. UGH Much happier to be able to wear my bathing suit!
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 4,629 Member Member Posts: 4,629 Member
    *ROUND 146 ( April 2- April 11) Increase electrolytes, no grains

    Seeking lower bodyfat%
    My name is Tish.
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'7.5"
    USW: 260
    2021 Start Wgt:215 (Jan 1)
    CW: 214.3
    RGW: Lose 1/2 to 1 pound
    FGW: 175
    *It's easier for me to think 10lbs ahead at a time*
    (Lowest weight 171.2~March 17, 2019)
    {Round 136 - 215 EW}Dec 31 2020(1/01)
    {Round 137-209.8 EW}Jan 11 2021
    {Round 138- 209.5 EW}Jan 21 2021
    {Round 139- DNW EW}Jan 31 2021
    {Round 140- EW}Feb 10 2021
    {Round 141- 211 EW}Feb 20 2021
    {Round 142- 215 EW}Mar 2 2021
    {Round 143- 215 EW}Mar 12 2021
    {Round 144- 215 EW}Mar 22 2021
    {Round 145- 214.3 EW}April 1 2021

    ✔Day1▪︎Fr•4/02- 214.3 (Th/01- 12pm, 6:30pm, hrs) 61g carbs; NC50

    ✔Day2•Sa•4/03- 214.3- Just posting this weight again. I don't have time to weigh. A family funeral today.

    @tiabirdie56 I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 4,629 Member Member Posts: 4,629 Member

    For all who are celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • musicsaxmusicsax Member Posts: 2,682 Member Member Posts: 2,682 Member
    @CamandJarvis - very nice bobber, imagine it's got a really wondeful throaty sound too. A good brace !! Enjoy, but keep alert and stay safe.

    @quiltingjaine - bunny cake looks delicious!
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