Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 146



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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    29, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1
    R111 EW: 154.3
    R112 EW: 152.6
    R113 EW: 151.7
    R121 EW: 153.0
    R122 EW: 154.8
    R123 EW: 153.9
    R124 EW: 153.4
    R125 EW: 155.6
    R126 EW: 152.3
    R127 EW: 151.5
    R128 EW: 151.0
    R129 EW: 151.0
    R130 EW: 152.6
    R131 EW: 153.9
    R132 EW: 150.6
    R133 EW: 151.2
    R134 EW: 149.3
    R135 EW: 149.5
    R136 EW: 148.4
    R137 EW: 147.9
    R138 EW: 148.4
    R139 EW: 151.9
    R140 EW: 150.4
    R141 EW: 150.4 (SNOVID)
    R142 EW: 144.0 (PRK)
    R143 EW: 144.2
    R144 EW: 147.0
    R145 EW: 145.7

    Last weight
    04/01 - 145.7

    Round Goal: 144.4 Fast 16+hrs on weekdays, 14+hrs on weekends. Up the water! Water minimum: 75oz, Goal: 91oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    04/02 - 145.7
    04/03 - 145.3
    04/04 - 147.5
    04/05 - 147.9
    04/06 - 150.6 - Weighed 3 times, all the same. Not sure if it is my scale being wonky or not. I do feel heavy this morning but can't determine exactly why. I DID take measurements, though, since it was such a weight jump. Either all the same or slightly (1/8th inch or so) smaller, which is a good sign. Scale isn't always the best way to track progress! Tracked calories yesterday and did have some weak moments but all in all, I didn't do too bad. I did manage to convince my sleepy self to work out and pushed harder than I thought I could manage. Weight could be DOMS (: Fasted 18.5hrs, 90oz water down the hatch. Still chuggin' along!

    Previous Day's Comments
    04/02 - I was scared to weigh today. We were up until 1am because we went and got me a motorcycle (we couldn't today or tomorrow and Sunday questionable so we sacrificed last night). Friend of friend is in school with GI Bill. Truck got totaled. Needed to sell what he could to save up for truck+insurance payout. I needed a bike that was good for me (BF's first bike fits me, but it is a bit too aggressive for me and I'm scared to ride it). Boom, a win-win. And his first bike is now with someone he can check in on (: We sold jetskis Sunday and BF had saved up some cash so we had it on hand. Whee!! Fasted 16hrs, 100oz water. Food was NOT very good yesterday and dinner was quite heavy as FamHub made it for us to try (I've had something similar, BF had not). If I'm able to squeeze in my 9Round today, it'll be tight in the afternoon. I have my 1 month PRK follow up today in town and with traffic, it's an hour and a half drive each way. Will try my best, but I'm not going to overwork myself after so little sleep. Hopefully I can behave enough today that yesterday's madness won't show on the scale in the coming days. Damage control mode: ON
    04/03 - Happy Countdown Day (4.3.21). Might as well be silly and fun (: It's rainy and gloomy here. I didn't track fasting or water yesterday, I was all over the place and it was impractical. I AM really shocked at a loss. I definitely expected a gain. First weigh in was 149 and it didn't seem too unrealistic. Stepped on 2 more times just in case and got 145.3 both times. THAT seemed more unrealistic haha I did NOT get my workout it, simply not enough time to squeeze it in. But I haven't cancelled my subscription (had to do that before midnight) so I'll have it at least another month.
    04/04 - Expected. Things catching up to me. Yesterday was madness, all over the place. Woke up with no plans. It was really rainy and gloomy so we decided to get out of the house and go to San Antonio. Got some hunting clothes for next season really cheap, stopped by for some food (mmm burger, that did me in though) and then SURPRISE. Crawfish boil/2 year old birthday party. Luckily the rain had stopped and it was outside so we were able to stay socially distanced and still enjoy. (@quiltingjaine I've noticed crawfish ALWAYS means a gain the next day. Not sure if its sodium or my body's natural reaction to it... Another note, my scale decided, initially, I was weighing in at 158.7... weighed two more times for 147.5. I'm getting a new scale next paycheck for sure. THAT is the biggest "gain" my scale tried to throw at me)
    04/05 - Easter dinner. Fasted 15.5hrs, not sure water (not enough). Slept like absolute crap last night and woke up at 4am. Will do my best to get my workout in, even if I don't go 100%, something is better than nothing. Dinner was early so should be fairly easy to fast 16+hrs today. Already working on my water. I WILL bounce back. I have a goal and a goal date approaching way too fast.