Before and after



  • Janatki
    Janatki Posts: 730 Member
    Wow! Amazing before & after transformations! ...Inspired , off to find my trainers!
  • 1975greig
    1975greig Posts: 14 Member
    theIronDad wrote: »
    I was 195 on the left, 168 on the right. This took about 4 months and I counted macros.

    Well done sir, looking much improved 💪
  • 1975greig
    1975greig Posts: 14 Member
    lpblack001 wrote: »
    Slow and steady wins the race, still have 19 pounds to lose but I will get there

    Crazy difference, hope your loving the new Improved you 👍
  • serapel
    serapel Posts: 502 Member
    You guys are all amazing.

    My before and after hip thrusts is in my profile pic
  • LyssieLou
    LyssieLou Posts: 32 Member

    My highest weight was 227 pounds. I’m in progress at 193ish right now. My goal is to be a strong 145ish. I’m not even half way to goal but just the difference I can feel is a success!

    My day streak is 426. I’m hoping to get at goal by day 1000

    I was really excited today. This teal shirt and the gray shirt are the same brand/style/size just different colors! The gray picture was taken January 15th (about 203 pounds) the teal was taken today (about 192 pounds)

    Also I was comparing myself now to me at different weights.


    I hope I quoted that correctly.. anyways... amazing job 😊 you look fantastic!! Congrats ❤

  • DezYaoified
    DezYaoified Posts: 143 Member

    Wow. Not my post but it’s my pics in the quote.

    Thanks to the *kitten* that hit disagree 😬 that’s real motivational 🙄 my question is this: Did you disagree with my point of my cloths fitting different, or with @LyssieLou saying congrats?
  • Keep up the great work ! Remember , being young is on your side ..... as you lose , your skin will catch up shrinking , and your bones will thank you later ..... I’m 60 and I know how challenging it can be 😄
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