What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • sikorski
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    My mini goal is to be at my goal weight by the end of May, to coincide with my anniversary May 30. I'm at 129 now, so that's 9 pounds.
  • Veglady12
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    Went Plant based following doctors suggestions , dropped 40 Pounds just from giving up all Dairy and Eggs because I was unhealthy Vegetarian.
    Prepping food is my goal from Dressings , Sauces , Dishes. Could not believe Dairy was so much weight.. crazy
  • g2renew
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    17 February - Down to 75kg (my goal weight) just after Christmas, for one weigh in, but I am back to 77kg at present. That's probably partly because I have changed my exercise pattern, but also I have not been logging. It's within my mintenance range but at the top and I want to be lighter. So I am starting logging again today, and would love to be back at 75 kg by Easter, and trending at 75kg as well.

    2 March: Back down to 76kg as of this morning. We'll see where I am at Easter, but the trend is now in the right direction.

    5 March: 75.5 kg this morning (much to my surprise). At this rate I might achieve trending somewhere in the 75.1-75.5kg range by Easter. :)

    23 March:Today I weighed in at 74.5 kg, so below my goal weight. Monthly average for March currently 75.47 kg, I have effectively reached where I wanted to be by Easter nearly two weeks early. I am very happy about this!

    Now to keep this and not have it just be a dip as it was before Christmas. But it feels good: my 7-day average as of today is 75.21 kg.

    At 74.1 kg today, with both my 7-day rolling average and my April monthly average to date firmly below 75.kg. I am defnitely in maintenance now. My goal is to stay here until the summer and then to think about dropping another 1 kg or so. I am working out most days and another goal is to keep that up and work out at least four times each week. Also, it's a lovely day today, so I plan to get away from the computer and go for a walk!

    Congratulations! Happy for you:-) Going beneath goal weight is awesome!