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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • RedStickdadRedStickdad Posts: 153Member Member Posts: 153Member Member
    running/jogging for 1 mile straight...i am at a little over 1/2 a mile at a time with walking in between right now.
  • 12Sarah201512Sarah2015 Posts: 953Member Member Posts: 953Member Member
    Getting into size 16 jeans. I'm in 18's right now. Tossed out all but one pair of my 22's from last year. Tossing the 20's as well. There's no going back from this this time!

    Giving to charity rather than tossing?
  • lkpduckylkpducky Posts: 8,132Member Member Posts: 8,132Member Member
    Being able to run 10-minute miles for at least 3 miles COMFORTABLY (right now I'm doing half-mile intervals at a 10:43 pace)
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 856Member, Premium Member Posts: 856Member, Premium Member
    180 lbs. by 1/31/2019.
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