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    Penny ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hello!!!!!!
    Missed you. XOXO

    I've been looking at paint colours for the hall. May be going with pink. We had a pink/mauve hall in our last house and loved it. White paintwork.
    The painter is going to estimate for the lower hall and stairs and again for the whole three floors. He can't come before June anyway as he is very popular. We will see what we can afford. Got to have the floor refinished as well. For that we will have to leave the house as we won't be able to get to the toilet.

    Tent has arrived. Haven't unpacked it yet.
    I bought a new tower fan for the next heatwave. DH was very disapproving because he doesn't feel the heat. I swelter. Our back upstairs windows don't open and he doesn't seem bothered. Grrrr! Anyway the fan was cheap and I won't have to carry our big one up and down precipitous stairs. :#

    2nd jab tomorrow!!!!!!!

    Heather UK xxxxxx

    Heather I have a very subtle peachy color with white trim all through the house except for the dining room and kitchen. The dining room is apricot and the kitchen is very retro- avocado cabinets and woodwork, yellow trim and pale sage walls. People would call the walls blush pink. So I vot for pink walls in your house.
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    Evening ladies
    Homer made it through surgery and i dropped his leash off and he was barking up a storm with his cone of shame on.. will be watching the boys tomorrow and friday..
    Just making sure he will be also running Dan back and forth tomorrow.
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    CSSJ09 wrote: »
    Just catching up from several days away

    So many welcomes today. Barbie keeps us organized and makes it possible for the conversation to continue month after month. Heart.
    NicolePulverStritesky Congratulations on quitting smoking- the most addictive substance.
    Meg welcome back. Lots of arms to hug you. I know, I just returned. And the relationships sort of started where they left off.
    KathLeen Love the screen name.
    Kim in Central Indiana You found the right place.
    Gwen-Join and stay a while.

    For those upset about the news over the last few weeks, I recommend that you follow Patrick Skinner @SkinnerPM on Twitter and read the New Yorker and Washington Post articles about him. The Spy Who Came Home | The New Yorker and "I’m a cop. I won’t fight a ‘war’ on crime the way I fought the war on terror." He is a police officer in his hometown of Savannah, Ga. He is a former CIA operations officer and served in the United States Coast Guard as well as the U.S. Capitol Police.
    "I approach every person I meet on the streets as my neighbor. Often this is literally true because I live where I work. That was a deliberate choice for me, but I respect whatever others choose; I was just trying to figure out how to be a good cop, and, for me, that meant being a good neighbor. I needed to trust my neighbors if I ever wanted them to trust me."
    Most of his tweets are about his now 4 ginger tabbies (all "failed" fosters- I think he is about to get a 5th- just doesn't realize it yet) and his 3 rescued dogs. But he also posts uplifing messages about how we can lower the termperature to avoid conflict.

    Betsy- So glad you got the detached retina problem early and are able to get surgery. Best of luck.

    Allie-surgery is always stressful. I hope that we can relieve some of yours. You do so much do everyone else.

    Debbie in Nappa sounds like you have been very productive to me.

    Rebecca Audrey Hepburn quote- tonight and just started a book about Audrey Hepburn written by younger son Luca Dottie called Audrey at Home. He never knew his mother as a movie star. She had retired. This also includes her recipes and notes from wherever she lived. She liked to cook. Athena is adorable and the family resemblance of all the girls is quite strong. All beautiful and they all look like you.

    Kylie Kentuckyis that how you made your screen name? I used to have family in KY. Early settlers, but no one is left. Our generation scattered to the winds and older passed on. Where is your old KY home?

    Annie- glad the roast is gone. You really have your hands full. Hugs.

    Barbara-Love the Sisyphus analogy. Only in my case it is the world’s messiest eating cat. Food scattered everywhere!

    Snowflake your quote the other day- how true.

    Sue and Katla – I am envious that you can now ride.

    Flea and Allie Just a little bit of buckwheat, when used as a flour, goes a long way. Gives a really great flavor to baked goods. Personally, I prefer it as groats for kasha.

    Carolcleaning out? Will you do my house next? I was never a pack rat but my DH of blessed memory never threw anything out. Although the clothes and many tools were donated or given to friends, I have not been able to go through the papers. Help.

    Tracey You DGD sounds so charming and grownup. What a fashion plate. I agree about not for profits. NGOs always have more to do and less funding.

    Beth]-I hope that you have no long-term effects from the fall. Your description gave a wonderful picture of life with small animals. Their favorite place is underfoot.

    Michele What do you mean no exercise today? 13,000 steps sounds like exercise to me.

    Bananas Do post pictures of floors when you are finished. One of the joys of going back to Eastern Europe is seeing the beautiful ,polished parquet floors. I missed going back in 2020 and it looks like 2021 will be a bust as well. 2 years in a row. WhatsApp and Zoom don’t quite make up for long chats lasting until the wee hours.

    Matchka I love the pictures of Tasmania and your biking maps. Years ago, I worked in Australia. I never made it there. Going back is on the list. DM me about early age neurodegeneration. It is a subject I know all too well.

    Lisa- “homicidal hairy cows” I almost fell over laughing! You do have a way with words. Girl camping with real food, wine and chocolate sounds perfect. Your wardrobe rant -100% agree. Mine is the distressed jeans style. Some are so holey that they leave nothing to the imagination. And even if only “slightly distressed”, they still have huge environmental costs in water wasted, chemicals released. It burns me up when a celebrity who espouses “natural” everything is photographed wearing these jeans. I hope I have not offended anyone who likes the style. I am a cranky old woman, also.

    Kate UKthere is no way to fight it. When DH completely forgets, just take a deep breath, and walk away. Otherwise, you are pounding a wall made of custard. Save yourself for the times it will be absolutely necessary.

    Heather so much news and so many great pictures. The time with DH sounds perfect. The relationship is as real as real can be. I loved the tent for Max. For something extra- maybe a small sum for a Lego figure he can pick? Sundowning is so difficult. I remember taking DH for rides in the middle of the night to calm down. Made it hard to get up for work, but worth it. Very soothing. Suggestion for your duvet- what about a duvet cover? They have made my life so much easier over the years. Slip them off and into the weekly wash they go.

    Bananas and Terri Got my second COVID vaccine today. Did not feel anything. Our NGO is considered “essential” so we got a notice from the state. Although today’s news about a number of cases in previously fully vaccinated brought home importance of not letting guard down and continuing all precautions until this thing is over. I will miss the constant cleaning by businesses, especially grocery stores. There still will be a few stores I will never go into.


    Book title A Peripatetic Life

    Favorite exerciseRiding horses , but not for 2 years since accident. Will try therapeutic riding when I feel COVID safe. Now, walking.

    Help needed DGD has had 2 heart operations in last few weeks, and they are about to schedule 3rd. This on top of the transplant for cancer. No end in sight to hospitalization and resulting financial hardship.
    Does anyone have experience with GoFundMe? I am not sure why we are not getting donations. Please DM me for details. Thank you.

    May you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. CJ

    On Netflix there's a documentary about Audrey Hepburn, that is just so amazing! Where she started from, her priorities, her husbands, what she thought was important. I just thoroughly thought it was amazing💖
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    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD, omygorsh! You know I joke about being your token nudist, but in actuality I haven't been out nude in years. Probably last time was summer 2017. But I shall never lose my nudist mindset! I am, and always shall be, a nudist under my clothes!
    Husband sent me this!
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    So its day 2 doing the gym dance. I did the weight machine circuit yesterday, all machines at minimum weights, but today both husband and I are so sore, we just did some leg machines and 30 min treadmill. Aaaack! A year off and it feels like square one again. Plus my stomach is so sore! My core turned to mush and now its screaming! Last night was a bath then bed. I slept like I had been drugged (with exercise and hot water). Today I ate a (BLT) salad, and then a piece of pizza. My stomach isn't happy, but I will endure this rough patch.
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    :) Jake ordered a new computer today but it won't get here for two weeks so we're working on how to share one computer. It helps that I'm gone walking the dogs for at least two hours every day.

    :) beautiful weather today for walking and for working in the yard

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    2nd jab day today! Very excited! The centre is about 25 mins brisk walk away, so we will get 50 mins walk in, which will do for our bonus exercise. We have Singing Zoom at 2, I will prep an easy dinner, and then we will set off.

    Our area is extremely low in cases now, with only about 1 person in hospital and no one has been in intensive care with the virus for weeks. Only the youngsters are still getting it, with hardly anyone above 65 with it. Long may it continue. We just don't want any variants spreading that the vaccine can't deal with. My son is desperate for his vaccination, but they have put back the under 45s for a while.
    The kids go back to school next week, but they are testing them twice a week now.

    By next Monday I might feel able to go to a shop, other than a small local food shop. I haven't been to a big supermarket for 14 months, nor a non food store. I would like to have Edie over for her 1 to 1 and do some art in a week or two.

    Here's hoping the rest of the world can get their vaccinations soon. <3

    Might send off for a couple of test pots for the paint colour.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    For those of us who are carers, Australia has Carer Gateway:

    This is their forum (like a message board, like this one here on MFP):

    Your area might have a site and forum like Australia's too.

    M in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Have both the boys here.. we are finally supposed to get some rain.. poor Homer has the cone.of shame on ,but the surgery went well
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    You all know that I take the bus to and from work. I've been in an ongoing argument with the metro organisation about the temperature on the buses ... it is too hot.

    They've told me over and over that the temperature on the bus is kept at 22C (71.6F). To me, that is too hot for people who are boarding wearing jackets and especially when the bus is crowded. But, I thought to myself, if the temperature in the bus is really 22C then I have a very warped sense of temperature because it felt hotter than that.

    Last weekend, I bought a thermometer and today I took it on the bus.

    This morning ... the temperature on the shady side of the bus was 26C (78.8F)!
    This evening ... the temperature on the shady side of the bus was 29C (84.2F)!

    Turns out it is not my imagination that the buses are hot! I was starting to second guess myself, thinking that maybe it was just menopause ... maybe I was stressing and going into an hour-long series of hot flashes or something.

    No wonder I arrive home exhausted, dehydrated and feeling like I'm going to melt. I leave work feeling pretty good and thinking that I could go for a bicycle ride or a run after work, but after 45-60 minutes on the bus, I'm a limp dishrag and the first thing I do when I arrive home is to down about 3 cups of water, I feel so thirsty.

    Yes, I have passed on my discovery. Not that I'm expecting any positive results. But I think I will have to start bringing cold water on board.

    M in Oz

    After complaining loudly about sitting on a bus for somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes with the temp at 29C ... today the temp was good both ways! I came home feeling pretty good for a change!! It's amazing the difference. :)

    M in Oz
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    Morning all.

    Got 2nd vaccine dose yesterday after lunch. Very efficient drive through clinic at our GP’s surgery. Slight tenderness where the needle went in, but otherwise feel fine. Taking it easy today and tomorrow
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    We bought a new coffee pot yesterday because the old one wore out. DH set the new one up and it made good coffee. <3
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