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  • TerriRichardson112
    TerriRichardson112 Posts: 12,876 Member

    Allie: Good vibes for your op.

    CJ: (((Hugs)))
  • Anniesquats100
    Anniesquats100 Posts: 900 Member
    CJ, so sorry to hear about your kitty. 😢
  • GodMomKim
    GodMomKim Posts: 2,815 Member
    CJ - sorry to hear about your kitty sending hugs -

    Dinner - If it was to be someone famous I would pick Amelia Earhart - Family it would be my Dad, my grandpa (his dad) they both passed before I was an adult and could have an adult relationship with them. Although my Mom's dad and his mom would be interesting too... My family the grandfathers were immigrants and were firmly of the opinion we are now Americans we don't need to tell about the old country. To the point that my mom's dad's family we are not sure which country they came from, they were German speakers, but it appears to be a dialectic so probably on the boarder area of German and ????

    Ice cream - praline, of the choices in the picture, but my favorite is black licorice.

    smiles Kim
  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,903 Member
    CJ: I’m sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty. :sad:

    Allie: Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. :heart:

    (((Machka))): Your calm during the hours in Emergency was necessary. Your weepy day is how your body is working to heal itself from the stress. Let yourself cry if you want to, it might help. :flowerforyou:

    Our son and DDIL have had a stressful few days and would like us to come and visit them. DH isn’t feeling up to it right now. I feel a level of stress myself, because I can’t be in both places. I think a phone call to them is a good idea for now.

  • LisaInArkansas
    LisaInArkansas Posts: 450 Member
    edited April 19
    Barbara - Cascade Hops for now - didn't want to try two yet, as they will crossbreed, evidently. Hops are weird. They propagate by rhizomes, and you don't want to grow from seed, as the male plants don't flower (the flower is what gets dried and then steeped into beer). The rhizomes are all from females, to keep strains intact.
  • teklawa1
    teklawa1 Posts: 272 Member
    Thank you so much everyone for the kind thoughts. Thinking of Allie today...

    CJ..my heart goes out to you.
    Machka... yes indeed, we have to live the hand we are dealt, I would hang that plaque in my office. :-)

    Another beautiful day here, with sunshine and birds singing and frogs croaking.

    Betsy in NW Washington
  • LisaInArkansas
    LisaInArkansas Posts: 450 Member
    Hoo! Busy morning - got two five by one-foot strips quilted after Corey headed for work, one load of laundry done and in the dryer, one load of towels on the line. Transplanted more than five dozen seedlings into six-inch pots to give them time to develop root systems - everything from sage to heirloom tomatoes. We've not yet been able to grow tomatoes from seed--they do quite well when we buy them at about a foot high, but wanted to give seeds a try this year. Both the heirloom and the San Marzanos have already gotten seedlings up, but the hybrid seeds are just barely peeking out.

    Time to trundle down and grab the mail, and then jump in the shower.

    Later, dear hearts,
  • Anniesquats100
    Anniesquats100 Posts: 900 Member
    Kicking myself for not doing the grocery shopping before the rain. Oh well, small nuisance, not a real problem.

    I was sad to see my mom buying larger jeans. She is bored, and forgets that she already ate. Yesterday was the first time I caught her messing up on her pills. Downhill we go.

    I tripped up on the idea of a voluntary dinner party. I get anxiety over entertaining. I would rather read a biography. I get enough family history from my mom's repetitive stories. Do I sound grumpy? Sorry. Rain does that to me.

    I like a good mint chocolate chip, but I am in the dairy free crowd. Currently I like Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, which includes cherries and chocolate pieces in vanilla dairy free ice cream substitute. Too many calories!!!

    Annie in Delaware
  • pipcd34
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    About 115 more mi to go
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,459 Member
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Me ...
    It's funny. I felt so calm during the 8 hours at Emergency the other night. I felt tired but OK during the weekend. Yet today (Monday) I've felt weep-y all day.

    M in Oz

    Awe, I am sorry you had to deal with the 8 hours at emergency. I know for a fact that when we have a stressful situation that you have to be "present in thought, and body", we go into a tunnel vision, doing what needs to be done. Then afterwards, when we have time to relax and its safe to do so, we feel. Its our emotional safety switch. Like for me singing opera in front of a crowd, easy peasy. But then afterwards, I'm shaky, and my skin is flushed. Its the task of performing, whether it be as a responsible mate, or as a biker, that we focus and do, then when we are done, we feel.💖. Hugs friend
  • dlfk202000
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    Allie - Woke up thinking about you. Still thinking of you. Hope things work out well.

    CJ - Still with you; we all are.

    Kylia - Peace for your Monday.

    Rori -
    So glad to see you changing what you can in ways that make you happy. I also find gray depressing in large amounts - my bathroom is bright white with gray accents, and my kitchen has deep red and gray accents as well. On a wall, it becomes too much for me.

    @Kimbolist - Stay awhile, let us know a little about you. Welcome!

    I guess quite a few of us are up early this Monday morning... I was up at 3 a.m. Not the galloping never-getovers, I can always take a nap later...


    I looked down at Egg yesterday, who was stretching lazily in a sunbeam on the kitchen floor, and said, "Man, I wish I had my cat's life," and then said "Oh I forgot, I do." Heard Corey laughing from the other room. Such a good guy. I did refrain from laying on the kitchen floor, but crawled up in the bed in the early afternoon and read and took a nap. Nice Sunday.

    While I was napping, Corey planted the hops rhizomes - since they store in the freezer, it didn't seem that putting them into the ground just before a freeze would be too much of a problem. We decided on two very different places - five along the front fence and then put up a trellis frame for another five just downhill of his orchard. Should be interesting. If this soil and environment works for them (there are varying opinions as to whether they will) this is a possible cash crop to sell to local brewers. This original planting is to dry, vacuum bag and then freeze some for Corey's own beermaking, but if they make, there should be scads more than he can use. We'll see what happens.

    Not big on any ambitions these days, but I would like to finish the Texas star quilt this week.

    Did finally figure out something I've been tinkering with for years. Last night, I finally made fried rice that I like. The key is Jasmine rice, which is slightly sticky when first cooked, extremely sticky when cold. It has that lovely, deep, nutty scent and texture that is just right for fried rice. One of the reasons I will seldom eat takeout fried rice is because I truly hate biting into onions, and most places use them. I do love the flavor they give though... so I pureed garlic, onion and fresh ginger in vegetable oil, started with that, heated until I could smell the three. Added a little more oil, leftover chicken, scrambled egg shreds, frozen peas, four cups of cold sticky rice and some soy sauce. Seriously less than ten minutes to put together. Made eight or ten servings, which is way too much, but Corey will get it in his lunch a couple days this week, as he liked it too.


    Later, y'all,

    I agree that the kind of rice really makes a huge difference- my husband only likes Japanese rice(and lots of it which is not great for a diabetic) so I will sometimes make fried rice with it- it is ok but not great. Too sticky.
    One trick I started doing to make it healthier and they really like it- I use 1/2 rice and 1/2 riced cauliflower.
    I don't add onion to mine. diced celery is about the only other veggie-son doesn't like peas in it. A little bit of sesame oil really makes it good- LOTS of ginger and garlic for sure.
  • dlfk202000
    dlfk202000 Posts: 1,083 Member
    ICE CREAM- my favorite and second favorite are not there(or third)
    1-chocolate peanut butter cup
    2-mocha almond fudge
    3- Moosetraks

    Of the ones listed-
    Butterpecan or Pralines and cream

    I don't eat icecram much- instant asthma attack if I do so have to have a cup of hot tea with it if I do.

    Napa Valley,CA
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,418 Member
    edited April 19
    Barbara - It seems we are both making progress. :D
    Unfortunately, DH took so long to research and approve my choice that the 4 in stock on Prime sold out and the price went up by £30 and it's no longer Prime. Grrrrrr! Oh well, the opposite happened with Max's tent. You win some, you lose some.
    He agreed to the order so I did it. We are each putting an appropriate amount into the cost. I also ordered inks from a discount ink shop, so not too terrible. The HP ink arrangements are disgraceful. There is no hook in on this Epson machine. That is what I wanted to avoid as the printer is seldom used.
    I'm now trying to persuade DH to open a cloud account. He is cursing about not being able to transfer his phone photos onto his laptop. My words fall on deaf ears. He could easily download One Drive onto his phone, but he is resistant. I suggested he email them to himself, but he can't seem to get them off his laptop into his photo file.
    Never mind. Then I suggested he edit the photo on his phone and he didn't know what I was talking about. Then he could directly load it onto KDP for his novel cover. He doesn't understand me.
    And I thought I was technically challenged!!!
    Update- I showed him, with infinite patience, how to edit photos on his phone. He tried the OneDrive idea, but ground to a frustrated halt.
    I have Dropbox, but suggesting that would fall on deaf ears.

    Anyway, the printer will be here in a few days, plus extra ink. Then we will see. :o:*;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • dlfk202000
    dlfk202000 Posts: 1,083 Member
    GodMomKim wrote: »
    CJ - sorry to hear about your kitty sending hugs -

    Dinner - If it was to be someone famous I would pick Amelia Earhart - Family it would be my Dad, my grandpa (his dad) they both passed before I was an adult and could have an adult relationship with them. Although my Mom's dad and his mom would be interesting too... My family the grandfathers were immigrants and were firmly of the opinion we are now Americans we don't need to tell about the old country. To the point that my mom's dad's family we are not sure which country they came from, they were German speakers, but it appears to be a dialectic so probably on the boarder area of German and ????

    Ice cream - praline, of the choices in the picture, but my favorite is black licorice.

    smiles Kim

    I have never seen licorice ice cream-
  • margaretturk
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    edited April 19
    Heather the sticker shock I had was I went to buy another bag of potting soil. At the beginning of the season it was $8.00 now it is $11.99. I switched to a brand called eco scrapes that is still $8 a bag and that still seems high to me. It will be interesting to see what they charge for eco scrapes when the next shipment comes into the store. Fortuanately I recyle most of the dirt I use from past years. I compost with this dirt over the winter.I add banana peels, coffee grounds and egg shells and leaves from healthy plnats and flowering plants I buy over the winter. If a plant is diseased and is in a pot I do not save that dirt.

    The other sad thing is the potting soil is not as good as it was a few years ago. The company that makes it sold it to another company. Pay more get less.
  • Vickil57
    Vickil57 Posts: 1,281 Member
    Machka--So glad to hear what it is not. Please take care of yourself and I pray for better news ahead. Delaid reaction, I have had that before. Take care of yourself.

    Our DN had her baby on Friday at 33 weeks. So far both are doing fine and he will be in hospital for at least a month. They live 100 miles away from the hospital and have children at home under 5 so pretty stressful. We did go down yesterday just for support and DBinlaw and I had a few words. This is the one who's wife passed away almost 2 years ago and now he is seeing an old girlfriend which would be no big deal, but she is married and I just lost it. What is wrong with people? Sure glad we live over 100 miles away so don't have to deal with it, only once in awhile.

    Heather--we have a lock box in the spare room stacked with boxes that we keep papers like that in and DS knows where it is. Will get a book and put passwords in so will have them, I just forget to update it.

    Tracey--I remember having to use them growing up. Such a pain trying to get to the freezer before it spilled all over the floor.

    Lisa--my DD and brothers make jerky in the dehydrator all the time, must say it is so good.

    Rebecca--I am sorry about your dream. I know sometimes I will have the strangest dream and wake up really feeling off. Most the time I can let it go, others not so easy. Most the time they come at the weridest times as nothing is happening that would bring those things up.

    CSSJ09--So sorry for your loss.

    cookies and cream

    I am really dragging today, I have Bible study tonight so will not be an early night. Also have the chiropractor after work. It is snowing here today and I think that is a lot of why I am hurting all over. Yesterday it was in the 60's, today snow, and tomorrow in the 60's again.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,418 Member
    DH found a USB stick that you can plug into your phone. Never heard of that. :D It has good reviews, so he ordered it from Amazon. Hooray!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • bananasandoranges
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    get some veggies YES
    look at mail from MD NO
    15-20 min on recumbant NO
    ask S for certificate NO, but i could write a mail to go out tomorrow at 8 am...

    i had 2 appointments.
    1 ok but O's SIL has just passed (not covid) i should have just cancelled... the poor guy.

    and the other who asked me like 5 times in past days to help her with something (listen to her giving a trial talk) just blew me off... no message nothing.

    then after writes she was overbusy "sorry"

    i had a feeling. jeeze.
  • GodMomKim
    GodMomKim Posts: 2,815 Member
    Hi Gals,
    Debbie – licorice ice cream is available in Santa Cruz at Marianne’s and it is not dyed, so black licorice ice cream is white…

    Margaret – I am not sure if you have Kellogg’s potting soil available in your area, but if you do I have had good success with it and have discovered that there is a red striped bag and a blue striped bag one is advertised for trees and shrubs and one for flowers and veggies, but they are identical so which ever is on sale is the one to buy ---
    On passwords, I bought an address book – hard cover from the spine looks just like any other book – and have put my passwords in there on the “name line” I put the URL then in the address area the login and password. Some are in by just the company and some in 2 ways. So my cell phone is in the C’s for Cell Phone and in the A’s for AT&T for example. I then have put it in the bookshelf that is not close to the computer. So someone would probably just ignore the bookshelf…
    Allie – thinking of you

    Smiles, Kim in Northern California