Anyone else not quite sure how much they want to lose?



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    I’m slightly surprised at how many people seem to feel it’s unrealistic to be the weight they were when younger (assuming that was a healthy weight). I’m not sure why something as arbitrary as age would change the healthy weight to height ratio.

    8st 3lbs was my happy weight in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s - I’m now 59 and fairly sure that when I reach that this time (3lbs to go!) I’ll actually feel that ‘older me’ could go a bit lower.

    I’m no taller, I haven’t grown any extra body parts (in actual fact, I’ve lost a few 😂 - some lymph nodes, an appendix, a uterus, ovaries and cervix, plus about half a cm off the tip of a collarbone - I’m guessing that’s about 4lb all told!).

    I guess I just don’t see why a healthy weight should change no matter your age.

    If you were on the thin side, or lower end of BMI during your younger years like I was, it can make you look drawn when you’re older. At least it did with me.
    If you’re just trying to keep your body at “not overweight” point. Then I agree, age doesn’t matter.
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    To answer your original question, yes, me. I have only a vague range and I'm perfectly content with that. I previously lost 70 lbs and my happy maintenance weight, where I think I felt and looked damn good, was a higher number than I had originally thought I'd aim for. My health indicators were great as well. Getting back to it again after a few years of compounding poor choices, I have no number in mind, but I remember that feeling and those great lab results and that is what I'm aiming for now, along with a few lifestyle changes to make it stick better. Maybe it will be the same scale number, maybe higher, maybe lower.
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    I'm not exactly sure where I want my optimum weight to be.

    Somewhere around can run a marathon, lift heavy, lot look too thin, but doesn't have to live on cardio or lifting, and can still have pizza and beer when desired. Is that asking too much?

    Seriously, ever time I hit a goal weight I can see the negative with the positive, and sometimes re-think it. If I set a goal I usually just go for it in one shot, but I've never fluctuated that much in weight, so it's more a fitness/workout related thing. If I had larger amounts I wanted to lose or gain I'd probably break it down into smaller goals.

    I actually usually feel my best all around when I'm on the high side of a healthy weight range, or even creeping a few pounds into overweight based on most BMI charts.
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    An adult's weight has got nothing to do with their age. I am skinnier at 38 than I was at 18 or 28.
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    Thanks to everyone for their advice.

    @BarbaraHelen2013 I understand that to an extend but despite me seeing a lot of people say metabolism isn't really a thing I'm otherwise stumped that when I was in my early 20s I could drink frappucinos every day and still be underweight lol. But I also feel like it has to do with my priorities changing. Like if the only way I can stay 135 is to give up a lot of my foodie experiences and fun nights drinking with friends I'd rather my weight be a little higher. I think it would be easier if I was a more "settled down" person but me and my husband are still very much not lol.

    You were more active when you were younger, or you ate smaller portions. Or it was a combo.