Women 200lb+, Let's Be Marvelous This May!!!



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    @goal06082021 I'm glad you have found something that works for you! I think that everyone is different and what's hard is the "what works for you" can change over time. For me, I need to feel FULL so it's big meals with no snacks. I probably would do best with an intermittent fasting schedule of 20:4 where I eat from like 11-3, but that doesn't work for my family life so I'll stick with lunch and dinner. It's my "works for me" at the moment.

    @uyister it really $ucks when you lose your step tracker. I didn't realize how much I used mine until my Fitbit died. I realized that I kept looking for it 3-4 times a day. Hopefully your new one comes soon.

    Since I just got back onto MFP in April I'm going to stay with the current plan for the summer. I would like to start swimming but we are going to be traveling and building a retaining wall, so I think I have enough on my plate for now.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 it is great that you have a good plan to help you deal with the stress. I'm really proud of you for being able to recognize that somethings are just not worth the calories. This is something that im still working on.

    @girlinkaz congratulations on your NSV!! That is a huge accomplishment that you have been working on for a long time!

    AFM I've been on track for the last couple of days with drinking a gallon of water. I have two days where I limited my calories but ate all my exercise calories and had a crazy amount of salt. So my weight had jumped up 3 lbs over the two days. I'm hoping that today all of that salt weight will be gone and I can start working on my goals again.

    I've been trying to measure my hips and waste, but I'm not sure I'm in the same place as before (my measurements has changed by inches since last month). For everyone out that that routinely measures their body, do you have any suggestions??
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    Hi Cari, same thing happened to my daughter, they were lucky to find a place but for sure stressful. They live in London ( Crouch End). Great progress on your weight loss.
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    Weigh-in time!

    Age: 29
    Height: 5'3"
    SW: 252.8 (11/13/2020)
    CW: 227.6 (4/30/2021)
    5/7: 227.8
    GW for May: 220
    GW for 2021: 196
    UGW: 144, end of 2022

    I'm pretty confident that tiny gain over last week is water retention and/or food in transit, and at worst I may have maintained. It's been a high-sodium week, I upped the intensity of my daily workouts, and work has been N-V-T-S NUTS this week so I'm more stressed than usual. (I work for a college, Monday starts our Summer A term, and lots of students found out/decided about five minutes ago that they want/need to take classes over the summer so it's been a mad scramble lately - it happens every year, that doesn't make it suck any less.) I'll be racking up some OT tonight for a student who waited until today to get back to me. Oh well, can't say no to time and a half, and at least I'm WFH today so I'm already here when I finally do get to log off.

    I really need to decide what my workouts are going to look like next week when we're traveling. I could keep getting up at 6 and doing something alone, I'll have space for that. Or I could count on just taking a long walk at some point during the day. Or both. I dunno. I'll figure something out.
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    SW (Jan 2021): 219.6
    HT: 5'4
    Age: 48

    Friday Weigh-in
    May 7 - 192.8 - Down .8

    Reflection: I tried intermittent fasting this week for the first time to support my BFF. Their weight loss had stalled, and I could see the disappointment. I recommended we try it since neither of us had done it before, and I figured it definitely couldn't hurt. We did the 16:8 version eating from noon - 8p, which worked better than we expected. Both of us noticed that around 11 is when we started getting hungry, but we both did the same thing; we drank more water. 😁 I wasn't expected a big loss (my number speaks for itself), but I think I should have eaten a few more calories. Nevertheless, I feel & look lighter, and most importantly, my BFF lost a whopping 10 lbs. Talk about breaking a plateau and feeling good! Woohoo! Also, I received my 2nd vaccine, and I'm doing well. Overall, great week! Finally, because this week went so well, I reckon BFF and I will continue doing intermittent fasting for a bit.

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    SammiGirl1321 such a beautiful profile picture of you and your babies.Happy Mother's Day.