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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 151



  • tiabirdie56tiabirdie56 Member Posts: 3,325 Member Member Posts: 3,325 Member
    *END ROUND 151 ( May 22 - May 31) Water, 80+ ounces daily, no grains, carbs at 35g and under, get back to eating meal(s) before 6pm,

    Seeking lower bodyfat%
    My name is Tish.
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'7.5"
    USW: 260
    2021 Start Wgt:215 (Jan 1)
    CW: 216.7
    RGW: Lose 1/2 to 1 pound
    FGW: 175       
    *It's easier for me to think 10lbs ahead at a time*
    (Lowest weight 171.2~March 17, 2019)
    {Round 136 - 215 EW}Dec 31 2020(1/01)
    {Round 137-209.8 EW}Jan 11 2021
    {Round 138- 209.5 EW}Jan 21 2021
    {Round 139-  DNW EW}Jan 31 2021
    {Round 140-   EW}Feb 10 2021
    {Round 141-  211 EW}Feb 20 2021
    {Round 142-  215  EW}Mar 2 2021
    {Round 143-  215  EW}Mar 12 2021
    {Round 144-  215  EW}Mar 22 2021
    {Round 145-  214.3 EW}April 2 2021
    {Round 146-  DNW EW}April 11 2021
    {Round 147 - 216 EW}April 21 2021
    {Round 148 - 216.3 EW}May 01 2021
    {Round 149 - DNW EW}May 11 2021
    {Round 150 - 216.7 EW}May 21 2021

    Day1▪︎Sat•5/22-  (Fr•21/1pm, 4pm, 9pm,17 hrs) g carbs; NC• 64ozs water.

    Day2▪︎Su•5/23-  (Sa•2 /9:30pm, 2:30, 12.5hrs) 93g carbs; NC• 48ozs water. Drank a lot of dandelion/rooibos/green tea iced tea.

    Day3▪︎Mo•5/24-  (Su•23/12:30pm, 9pm, 22hrs) 69g carbs; NC• 80ozs water.

    Day4▪︎Tu•5/25-  (Mo•24/12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 15hrs) 129g carbs; NC• 80ozs water.

    Day5▪︎We•5/26-  (Tu•25/1pm, 7pm, 17hrs) 146g carbs; NC• 96ozs water. Adjusted macros late yesterday. Lower carb, not Keto. I'll see if I can stay steady at 80g carbs for a couple of weeks then drop to 50g. The past 5 days carbs were higher, bread.

    Day6▪︎Th•5/27-  (We•26/ 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 18hrs) 118g carbs; NC• (96ozs water. 1pm and 3pm green smoothies.)

    Day7▪︎Fr•5/28-  (Th•27/ 7pm, 9pm, 25hrs) 102g carbs; Fiber•20

    Day8▪︎Sa•5/29-  (Fr•28/ 3pm, 8pm, 18hrs) 122g carbs; Fiber•24

    Day9▪︎Su•5/30-  (Sa•29/1 pm, 8pm, 17hrs) 78g carbs; Fiber•30g

    Day10▪︎Mo•5/31-  (Su•30/ 1pm, 8pm, 17 hrs) 108g carbs; Fiber•17g

    ■Bodyfat% using Vanity Planet BF scale
    ■BMI using National Heart Lung & Blood Institute app

    link to: Waist to Height Ratio

    link to: Waist to Hip Ratio

    link to: Cucumber Detox Water Recipe

    SBMI ~ Smart Body Mass Index Link

    Seeking lower bodyfat%

    •3.5lbs lost ✔
    •BMI lowered  points5
    •BF% reduced

    R137/Jan/2~SW: 212 (new start)
    R138/Jan/12~SW: 209.8
    R140/Feb/01~SW: DNW
    R151/May/22~SW: 216.7

    edited May 31
  • AR10at50AR10at50 Member Posts: 871 Member Member Posts: 871 Member
    OSW: Sept. ‘18. 187
    R150 Goals-168 limit alcohol, lots of water. Thank you @quiltingjaine for setting up the round!

    5/22-168-Lots of weed eating and digging in the yard. More digging today; I’m getting flower beds ready to plant.
    **********Happy Saturday everyone!!!🌸☕️*************
    5/23-167-More digging in the yard. Helped DH clean out a trench. Later I met with my card club and I kept getting leg craps and had to stand up; it was funny..all from yard work. I sprouted a bunch of flower seeds this spring and will get to transplant them into my pollinator garden in front of my sewing room windows today!
    5/24-DNW-After church, we ate breakfast out for the first time in ages. Got 80% of the seedlings transplanted. Will plant the rest today and do some weed eating and more digging to prep the other flower beds ready.
    5/25-169-Heavy food. Lots of yard work.
    5/26-DNW-Bad food choices yesterday. Today will be better.
    5/27-172- Ugh.
    5/28-171-Lots of digging in the yard. Need to make time for exercise.
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 1,031 Member Member Posts: 1,031 Member
    Not able to finish up this round right now, because not home, but will catch it up & start the next one when we get home.

    @quiltingjaine ..I had to laugh at your post about where relatives were going...we live by Des Moines & right now we are close to Tulsa at daughters.
  • prehistoricmoongoddessprehistoricmoongoddess Member Posts: 981 Member Member Posts: 981 Member
    I'm going to keep weighing daily but not record it at the moment..I've lost my way a bit and going to concentrate on recording weekly losses for a while.
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