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Has Anyone Else Experienced “Eye Contact Haters”?

springlering62 Posts: 7,917 Member
edited June 2021 in Motivation and Support
This quote is stolen from another thread. I thought this particular part of her excellent post was really interesting.
… when obese people look at me bouncing through my walk with clear resentment which happens about once a week I just ignore it because I started struggling to walk 1 block. It took time hard work and persistence.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m so glad Beverly brought it up. I thought it was just me.

I’ve experienced it a bit, and have been amused and flattered in the “Oh, if only you knew me before” fashion.

But I was particularly shaken up last night when walking through an outdoor restaurant seating area a block from home on my evening circuit. I’d been to the gym, and was still in bright leggings and a tank.

Some random woman diner glared daggers at me. I mean if looks could have killed, they’d’ve had to scrape me off the sidewalk. Outright hatred.

I don’t want to grant her power by calling it upsetting, but it was sure unsettling. Like she’d physically slapped me.

Btw I’ve read some of Beverly’s other posts, and where she’s come from, and all props to her. Honey, you’ve earned every yearning, envious stare and then some.