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Do you eat fast?



  • tmbg1tmbg1 Member Posts: 729 Member Member Posts: 729 Member
    I am the fastest eater of my family and I sometimes feel embarrassed by how fast I eat. I don't know why I eat so fast. At work I only have 20 min to eat lunch so I have to wolf it down, but otherwise I am just naturally a fast eater.
  • zebasschickzebasschick Member Posts: 413 Member Member Posts: 413 Member
    fast eater with 1 sibling. we always had plenty of food in our family, and i hated my mom's cooking, so i can't recall ever wanting seconds of anything at everyday meals. i don't slow down when i start to feel full - i just stop eating.

    my husband is a very slow eater
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Member Posts: 251 Member Member Posts: 251 Member
    I’m a fast eater. Every time I eat with my mum she says. Wow you must have been hungry! That’s not it. I just eat fast regardless. By contrast my brother is a very slow eater. He always says. You always finish way before me! So I have 2 family members reminding me how fast I eat! I find I don’t end up eating more than them. I just scarf down what I have! 😆
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