Post-exercise high

I always thought "runner's high" was a bit of a myth. At any rate, I've been exercising seriously since 2016 and never experienced it. OK, exercise generally makes me feel happier, and usually energetic rather than tired. Sometimes I've noticed being in a better mood than usual afterwards - but this has always been (I assumed) because the exercise is something I really love doing (e.g. boxing) or because I have achieved a goal during the session. The good feeling has been primarily mental.

I've just done my first week of a proper hypertrophy training block. The sessions are really tough, with lots of volume and minimal rest. And, without fail, immediately after every single one I have felt a real, physical rush. I'm really happy, totally energised, and if someone told me I had to do more exercise I'd probably have a go if my muscles would let me.

Who else gets this, and what will trigger it for you?


  • emailnumber308
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    I experience an after workout high after a really intense hiit or tabata workout, especially if I add weights or moves that require explosive jumping. I can get the same high from running as well.
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    I've gotten it lifting a couple of times, but usually it's doing cardio, generally about half an hour into a workout where I'm pushing my limits doing intervals.
  • yirara
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    Sometimes, but only when I'm at my fittest. Only after runs, and only after runs that are neither too long and neither too short. Mind you, I normally feel totally relaxed and chill, and don't have any hunger anymore for pretty much the rest of the day after exercising. Annoyingly I mainly exercise in the evening :D
  • Speakeasy76
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    I wouldn't say a get huge rush of endorphins after exercise, but I always feel better after than I did before I started. I get grumpy and anxious if I don't get some kind of exercise in during the day. That's why the exercise part of the weight-loss equation was always easier for me than the food part, which really was the more important part.

  • yirara
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I don't know if it's the explanation, but I think endorphins are a real thing. Because I was a college student in the 1970s, I'll admit some personal experience with very inappropriate recreational drugs. On quite rare occasions, I've felt a very drug-like euphoric rush simply from exercise exertion.

    It's plausible to me that someone might need a certain base level of fitness to achieve that feeling, i.e., that someone very unfit maybe couldn't go hard enough, long enough . . . but that might be individual.

    Nothing wrong with inappropriate. I'm glad though that I don't experience my drug experience after a workout - as I've totally greened out after just a tiny bit of.. well.. stuff...
  • jillybeansalad
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    My first half marathon was my first time experiencing the "runner's high." I become a giggley person (which is not typical :P )
  • GummiMundi
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    I usually feel good after exercising, even though I may be tired. Happier, stronger, in a better mood, more energized (again, even if I'm tired, which is a paradox but true nevertheless).

    But the actual "high"? That kick that puts me at an almost euphoric state? I've only had it a couple of times, after running. And it's awesome! :)
  • MarttaHP
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    I run a lot, but never get a high during a run. Afterwards, though, I feel very good and relaxed. My HR is low and my whole body is loose. The tougher the workout, the better I feel after it. But I wouldn't describe it as a "high," more like how I feel after a nice glass of wine.

    The only time I really experienced something like a high was after my first marathon. And it lasted for several days, too, those feel-good hormones surging through my system. Totally understood at that moment why some people get hooked on racing.
  • springlering62
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    Note to self: Try harder

    Seriously, nothing like y’all describe, but have experienced “yoga high”. Don’t know what triggers it, and wish I did, but is a feeling of intense wel being, calm, peace, appreciation, and “hyper awareness” of birds, trees, beautiful sky after some practices.

    It always sneaks up unexpectedly, and not nearly often enough.
  • litoria
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    Yeah how good is that runner's high?!?! I love it, struggling to breathe, can't wipe the stupid grin off my face :D
  • nossmf
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    I was a runner all through high school and college, enjoyed it quite a bit but never had sudden change of sensation, going from "tired/sore" to "energized/pain free". Not until I was serving active duty, and one day on a lark decided to not stop my run at my usual 5km/3mi distance but instead double it, just because. About the time I estimate I hit the 5 mile mark, suddenly my muscles were no longer sore, I didn't feel tired, my breathing was a gloriously welcome moment! lol Never had that mid-exercise feeling again, though admittedly I never ran that far again.

    A couple times in the weight room I have come close, but invariably those times were attached to reaching personal milestones... the first time I hit 225# on the bench press, for example, I got stood up after the rep and was bouncing off the walls for several minutes in happiness.
  • heybales
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    I'll ditto it's only on the longer runs usually over 9 miles, when it's not terrible heat causing issues, that I'll finally slip into a mode of it feels like form improved because HR and breathing lower a tad, pace is the same, and just feel much better.

    I had 1 instance as teenager running literal cross-country at grandparent's farm, went way longer than normal - where I got better than improved mode and actually felt like I could run forever, I counted that as the elusive runner's high.

    Not sure if that's what I've gotten more recently, or that's more of a "2nd wind" type thing. Perhaps more skeptical that the feeling would really allow me to run forever.

    Never gotten it on a bike I think, 2nd wind or a biker's high.
    Had times I could feel the cantaloupe kick in though!