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    Add me! I’m active and can help you on your journey ☺️
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    Back to mfp need some friends and motivation
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    Hi from Indonesia! Glad to know you guys! <3
    Feel free to Add me if you're active. Looking for more interaction.
    I send all good vibes to all of you! Cheers
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    Always looking to learn and be motivated. Let's win together!

    LET'S GOOOO!!!!
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    Hi everyone! Looking for some keto friends here for accountability and inspiration. Been following a keto lifestyle since 2016, just passed my 5-year anniversary. I use it to manage autoimmune disease and T2 diabetes (both in remission now). Good luck everyone!

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    TinaZ2018 wrote: »
    Hi! I'm Tina, a 35 yo woman from Europe, Romania who used to be overweight and changed her life in January 2020.
    Now I'm 2.5 months post surgery with several restrictions at least until September so I feel lonely and discouraged, especially because my muscle mass had to suffer and even started hanging on arms and legs (I know that it doesn't look so but I compare with my version from February and it's true). I haven't stepped in a gym in 15 years and I train only at home with YouTube videos. I've started from rock bottom (I was a VERY sedentary person and a foodie) and before surgery set PR like RDL/hip thrust 1x bw (56kg), 50 push-ups/set, 300 push-ups/workout, 5 clap push-ups, 6min25s wall sit, 6 min plank, 46kg barbell squat, 5000m rowing in 24.55 min, 36kg chest press - so I was in good shape. Now I pretty much feel like a grand'ma.
    I just managed to lose some weight. I'm just trying to get back in the saddle and harden these muscles.
    I want new friends to support me and give me a morale boost. If you are that person, please send me a friend request, if possible with message. :)

    This is my current state:


    You are amazing maaammm. Send all good vibes from Indonesia! Cheers
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    🙋🏼‍♀️ 🌟😎💛
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    Yes please! I just joined. Lost 21.5kg so far. Add me 😊
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    I'd love more activity on my feed, let's support each other!!
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    Let’s do this!
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    looking for friends also! i'm restarting my journey to lose pandemic weight gain
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    Hi, I'm new. Still a little.unsure how this all works. I'm on day 3 of my journey. Hope to find some support here ☺️
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    Add me :)
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    Feel free to add me.
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    No thanks 👍
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    Oops too late I commented 🤷🏻‍♀️ add away
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    I’m fairly active here and love having new friends! Please feel free to add me!
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    What are we doing?
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    What are we doing?

    Well you just commented sooooo … you want more friends yes?
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    banshee21 wrote: »
    What are we doing?

    Well you just commented sooooo … you want more friends yes?

    Is that a trick question? Feels like a trick question.