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    Woke up at 2 a.m. with a clear head and feeling well, so I just got up. Second day in a row. I'm OK with it - gives me a jump on some of the writing assignments I picked up yesterday. Five articles, a thousand words each, all need doing by Saturday. Easy-peasy, right?

    Listening to the washer as it spins and drains - Bless Corey's heart, he spent three hours of his weekend replacing the drainpipe - the washer has a tendency to walk when it's spinning large loads, and it snapped the old PVC drainpipe off under the floor. One of the many things I love about the man is that he doesn't assume I will stay right by his elbow while he's fixing stuff. Every other man I've known wants the woman watching while they're fixing. Not necessarily to hand them stuff, they just want you there.

    Egg is curled on my lap, sound asleep--if there's anything better for your blood pressure than a small furry cat asleep on your lap, I haven't found it yet. I've put Corey's lunch together, need to get the dryer emptied and the washer load moved over. Feel like I've accomplished a lot and it's still only 3:40 a.m.

    Heather -
    My daughter was hinting around that I could keep her two youngest while she takes a weekend to go to her cousin's July wedding in Texas, and I had to say "no." Levi is 18 months old and completely exhausting. My youngest granddaughter is now five, and much easier to deal with - but the pair of them together are still too much for me. Glad you and Johnny can tag team Bea and keep her occupied.

    Time to get a little writing done, Corey will be up in an hour, and I've not done a lick of writing, except to y'all!


    I guess I am the odd one here, I would much rather have the younger kids than the older- for me the younger the better. I took care of new born triplets from the time they were 3 months old(and they were premies so very little) 11hrs a day for 6 yrs. They were easier for me to deal with than the one 7 yr old who was always talking back and had to be entertained but didn't like what I picked. Always said I would rather have five in diapers than two or three school age kids. I have one that is almost 5 now and can't wait for her to go to school. I am hoping to get a baby three days a week after she stops coming. I would really like to totally retire or at least take a few months off which I plan on doing after Ezie stops coming but husband wants the tax write offs- he finally told me how much it was and I see why he wants me to continue. It was hard when he just said we need it but didnt say how much it was- thought I was only worth the tax write off. After either teaching preschool or doing the in home daycare for the past 40 yrs, I am ready for a long break.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Homer is here,birds are fed and got some new go go juice out for the hummingbirds..

    thanks for the reminder- I need to make some hummingbird food - doing it now before I forget AGAIN.
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    Allie ~ If I remember correctly, they did the same thing to you last year when you wanted to come up. It really does seem unfair and I am sorry!

    Carol in GA
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    Yes I guess so,so will have to find somewhere to go that doesnt cost a bunch..
    My daughter and son in law have given up going there too,and Tracy grew up going...the reason is they dont want our dogs up there.. theres barks and I guess Alfie does too.but my nephew can bring his Rottweiler and they have no problem with that.. i understand they need to mend fences but at the expense of the rest of your family?
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    It was lovely to have Bea and we really enjoyed it, but we were glad when her dad came to pick her up. She was excellent company and never stopped talking the whole day. I am sooooooo tired now.
    I am so lucky that DH takes most of the strain and seems to thrive on it.

    Tempted to nod off, but don't want to ruin bedtime.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Trying to post a gif
    Oops did not work!!! Sorry!! It was a cute yoga/banana workout gif.
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 21min 46sec, 3.40ap, 83ahr, 101mhr, 138elev, 8.05mi= 722c
    Strava app = 976c
    Zwift spin bike- 15.24min, 53elev, 122aw, 129aw, 158mhr, 125ahr, 19.83amph, 5.09mi= 164c
    To gym- 10.23min, .54mi= 48c
    Strava app = 67c
    Treadmill jog- 20min, 140ahr, 173mhr, 10.47min mi, 1.92mi=210c
    Rope pull- 10min, 981.5ft= 110c
    Tire toss- 5min, 180#= 25c
    Gym to home- 10.17min, .52mi= 62c
    Strava app = 64c

    Total cal 1341
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    Allie--Glad your brother is okay, but I agree letting everyone worry is not nice. I agree with the others after all you did for them, it is not right they will not let you come to visit over the 4th. They didn't worry about your having a dog when they wanted you to take care of Jean.

    Heahter--I agree, I love my DGC, but can only take so much and I am ready for them to leave.

    Lisa--Pray your good heatlh gets better everyday.

    Another HOT day and I am so grateful to be working inside with AC.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3B)
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    Got a text from Sean ,i have an invite to go up there but no Alfie and Tracy and Kyle but no Ginger.. to caiotic having 4 dogs up there..
    I understand ,but think ill hold off .. the next door neighbor that grew up with us fractured his skull and just got out of the hospital and I guess Sean needs to watch him and he will be staying at the cottage.. plus my nephew his girl.and there dog and who knows who else..
    Dont feel comfortable going up there with Joe there and without Alfie,so maybe ill go.later in the summer
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    Good day here, it is a little bit cooler today. It felt really good to go outside this morning. However temps are supposed to go back up, 97* over the weekend. Yuk! DD in Iceland says they had a high of 37* yesterday. They are having a good time and she is looking forward to horseback riding later in their stay.

    Allie- Glad your brother is OK, sorry about not being able to go to the cottage.

    I agree about DGC, they are best taken in small doses.

    Everyone take care Sue in WA

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    Rori- here I am yapping about my troubles and you are going through so very much.. and i send my love your way.. enjoy the time with your friend and scattering your DH ashes.. remember all the wonderful memories you both shared ..
    Will talk with Tracy and Tom and Elena ,they im sure would love to watch Alfie and i will see if Tal wants to go,there is no internet up there and ahe is glued to her phone so we shall see.
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    :)Allie, You seem to have found a solution to your dilemma about going to the cabin for July 4, but I wondered what was the draw for going---the other people, events specific to July 4, or what? Since you are not working a job with regular hours you could go up there any time and several times.

    :)Rebecca, I just listened to a podcast about Lego building systems and thought about you and your son.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Hurrah! my youngest is finished High school!

    Forced myself to take a walk tonight and bugs were horrible! I need to wear a hat or something.

    Rori Big hugs.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.

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    Hello all! Nice to see a 50+ club here! Happy June!