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    zagadee wrote: »
    Hello Beautiful people 😃
    I need some advice am really struggling so I decided to Came here to seek some advice/information to get batter I will be brief trust me!
    I sit 9-10hrs day infront of my monitors working I have have tried to stop the habit of snacking, I can2 find anything to help me or replace, I can’t find something to motivate me I have been fighting to loss weight for all my life.
    I can’t find motivation to keep going because I don’t see results regardless of how much exercise or diet I take that cause me to stop.I have healthy Issues too it’s a lot going on with my health so I need someone who been through this journey to help me or a partner who we can fight together throughout.Thanks for your time to read and respond God bless you.

    Last year, my husband’s job changed and he began working from home. We purchased one of those desks that can be raised or lowered. He tries to switch it up every couple of hours from sitting to standing. Maybe your employer would be willing to provide a desk like that or if you work from home perhaps you could purchase one.
    It also helps to set a timer for yourself to take short walks or go up and down stairs a few times per day for a set amount of time. This can be done at work or at home.
    When the gyms closed last year we began going for walks in our neighborhood and now we hike in local parks and nature trails on the weekends. We also added some YouTube videos. You can search for beginner workouts. There are some as short as 10-15 minutes.
    I live by the mantra of trying to make good choices each day. Am I always 100%? No, but no one is perfect. Just start with small changes like adding more vegetables to meals and choosing grilled items over fried. If you need something sweet choose something small or sugar free. Just don’t feel like you have to accomplish everything all at once. Losing weight is not always a linear process. It’s more like a roller coaster. The small changes will add up over time. Just be patient with yourself.
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    Janele0627 wrote: »
    I feel like I'm noticing a lot more of these NSVs lately. Today, I grabbed a soda out of the vending machine, feeling like I needed a break from my water bottle. I took 3 sips, and it tasted horrible! Instead, I'm munching on some super juicy watermelon for a hydrating, sweet break from plain water!

    fabulous NSV! i find many drinks now are too sweet, so I usually just stick to water or a couple drops of a flavoring in the water.
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