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  • Brian10SM
    Brian10SM Posts: 5 Member
    Yes I lost weight ba few years ago but put back it on over Covid. Hoping Myfitnesspal helps again
  • SvrnQn
    SvrnQn Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, All! Back to focusing on dropping the last 20# after only playing around with the idea the past year or so. Have found myself newly single and with the necessary time to focus on myself and my health.
  • Adele110883
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    Hi everyone

    I have literally just deleted all my history and deleted my account from 2 years ago and restarted a new one all together. I have 27lb to lose to get back to my target weight after a 5st gain due to medication. I am 3st down so far but that's happened over 2 years now. Need the rest moving. I need help and support. With fitness and meals. I need meal plan ideas, I need friends and I need prompting to eat meals at meal time. Any help and support that anyone can offer will be accepted kindly and with much appreciation.

    Thank you 😘
  • Zelgus
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    Hello everyone, just joined the Premium section. Need to loose 30kg after having bubba 10years ago. Nearly lost all of it just after I had him, but having a job where I sit most of the time hasn't helped. Lost 7kg in 3.5 months earlier this year, but after donating blood, iron plummeted, then we were in lockdown again (Melbourne, Aust). Got back into the gym for 2 weeks, then another lockdown. Hoping the next 5 months I can loose 20kg. I know it is a big ask considering I am 48yrs old, but determined to do it with exercise at home if need be. I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week and really miss it - it is my mental health plan.

    Hoping the premium offers things that can help.
  • Jenni4w
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    I joined MFP years ago but it sat...as did I. No more time for sitting. I am codependent when it comes to fitness so I'll be trying to break free of that mindset.
  • zagadee
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    Hello Beautiful people 😃
    Am new here trying to find a partner who we can support each other on this journey I need motivation I have been on this journey for all my life am 50yrs now hope anyone can understand.
    We can motivate, support, encourage, advise each other I stay in Georgia Augusta.but still we find ways to uplift ourselves throughout
  • medee35
    medee35 Posts: 19 Member
    Hello Community,
    I am looking for a diet and fitness buddy who lives in the CSRA.If you are interested in creating a support system to help staying accountable while on this journey,Kindly please send me a massage or a friend request .The journey is lonely when you don't have anyone who understands your struggle or who's not on the journey Let's do this 🤗🤗 JOIN ME JOIN ME🙏🙏
  • mkth101
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    Welcome new members. Feel free to add me! Let's get healthier together!!
  • I'm new to MyFitnessPal after deciding I need to take weight loss more seriously. I hit my highest weight in June of 255 pounds, and now I'm at 245. I'm finishing up college this year and implementing a short-term goal of getting down to 215!

    The biggest issue I'm having is stopping snacking; if anyone has any tips on how to curb hunger when cutting calories, let me know! Also, the majority of my weight is in my belly. Exercise and diet tips to lose belly fat specifically would also be welcome!
  • workoutreview
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    Can we be friends?
  • kunalsingh3
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    Hi all, metta to everyone 🌱
    I'm 27 skinny ectomorph, I've been into fitness for near about 7 year's, but never really gained enough weight that I could be proud of myself that I did a progress, that never really happened, now due to covid scenario from near about 2 year's gym's r shut & I'm into bodyweight, I don't feel like working out & eating had always been a big hurdle for me, I'm starting again in hope of being better again with fresh start & first thought that popped in mind is to be accountable here, because accountability actually creates a positive impact. Hope to continue this accountability thing regularly
  • chamoo2019
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    Again starting after 2 years.
  • tntaylorca
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    Hello, off i go
  • dwanejoshua171
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    Hello Everyone, I am a new member in this community and eagerly waiting to help others.
  • SantiagoAlverez
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    Hi people's how we all doing, I'm new to the community not to the app side!
  • Captain_H0N0R
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    Hello everyone! I’m new to both the community and the app, I’m excited to start my health/fitness journey and hopefully meet some like-minded people!
  • logiegirl10
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    Hi I've been on & off this app for a couple of years but I'm just new back, I hope to make new friends
  • ToriaStitch
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    Hi all,
    Restarting MFP after a 5 years and lots of weight gain, mostly from medication, restarting and need to loose 83lb.

    Not really into exercising due to breathing difficulties, but would appreciate encouragement on meals and gentle exercising.
    Would love friends to support and encourage
  • itsonlyme
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    Hi I’m new as far as using this app for meal plans for my hubby. He’s diabetic. We are counting carbs. Cannot find much about fresh picked cucumbers. Anyone else? Also have seen so many what has carbs and then I see the same same thing doesnt have crbs…..anyone else
  • Niteman3d
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    itsonlyme wrote: »
    Hi I’m new as far as using this app for meal plans for my hubby. He’s diabetic. We are counting carbs. Cannot find much about fresh picked cucumbers. Anyone else? Also have seen so many what has carbs and then I see the same same thing doesnt have crbs…..anyone else

    I go to the USDA database when I get inconsistent answers here and then find the one in the MFP database that most nearly matches the USDA or just enter the USDA numbers as a new food. It's here... "https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/". Hope that helps.