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How long would it take to lose 5 inches of waist?

i'm 19, 5'1, 103 lb
I don't workout, just eat healthy
32" Bust
26" Waist
35" Hips
20" thighs

how long would it take to lose 5 or even 3 inches of waist? is it even possible?



  • boilerdawg2009
    boilerdawg2009 Posts: 979 Member
    It sounds like you're at a good place already
  • age_is_just_a_number
    age_is_just_a_number Posts: 630 Member
    In addition to the above comments: Why would you want your waist to be 21-23”?

    Based on my quick internet search, your measurements are already on the low side. So, smaller could translate into unhealthy.

    Also, your ribs are likely in the way of any waist reduction. Which means if you really wanted to reduce your waist you’d have to have a rib or two removed. Our ribs are there for a reason. I do not recommend this at all.

    Check out this article:

    And this one:

  • Pipsqueak1965
    Pipsqueak1965 Posts: 397 Member
    You're the same size as me I think. And almost impossible to have a waist that size unless you are naturally built that way.
  • qhob_89
    qhob_89 Posts: 105 Member
    21” waist didn’t seem feasible to me. After a quick google search to even see what that would look like, everything seemed to show waist trainers. After looking through a handful of pictures that showed before/after shots (most said 26”-28” before), I must say that the before shots looked better. I’m not trying to sound judgmental, but the larger waist was still small but looked much nicer and natural to me. The super pinched 21” waist in all of them looked very unnatural and unflattering. It looked like they lived in a corset… which fair enough, that’s exactly how they got that size and shape.

    I’d recommend some self reflection, learn to love yourself. You are already very petite (and young- you will see many more changes to your body through your 20s) and your measurements are fine! Don’t strive to look like super edited Insta content… you’ll need filters/editing for that!
  • manresagarcia1991
    It would make more sense to increase the bust and hips
  • nihap23
    nihap23 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm 5'1" too! I am at 24-24.5 in waist right now (if I gain a bit of weight) with 36% body fat. I am hoping over the next few years to work hard on recomposition, which will likely reduce a few inches off my waist. I don't know if 21 inch waist is possible, and I am personally concerned with my waist size - but figuring out your body fat percent might help you get a sense of how much more fat you could may be lose off your waist. For me, I also loose the same inches off bust and thighs at the same time.