Anyone in their 40's?



  • xWendyJonesx
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    Hiya, I'm 44, I've lost 25lbs only 3 lbs to go to reach my goal, but it's taking me forever, I've not been this weight since I was in my 20's so I'm more than happy.

    Feel free to add me anyone.
  • sc003ro
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    42 my 20's I struggled to gain I look at it and I gain a pound
  • cookiekrunch
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    Not quite. I am 39 but turning 40 in December. I already consider myself in the 40+ club. I can't deny it any longer.
  • just4jilly
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  • kimberlyblindsey
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    47, I second, third the motion that it's so much more difficult to not only lose but maintain at this age; I've always been active, never really overweight, but now I've gotta do double duty with diet and exercise just to maintain.
  • jojomoe523
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    me! me! me!!! unfortunately....
  • focusedonfitness2015
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    Just turned 44 and feel fabulous! Love the motivation I get from others and the warm fuzzies I get from helping others. Anyone can feel free to add me. I'm friendly and don't bite...not hard anyway :smile:
  • radzs01
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    I total get it. I stopped smoking a year ago and it has come to a halt. I am glad for the not smoking but come on.
  • shadesof66
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    48 and here - 22 pounds down since March 10 - Good to know metabolism and calorie deficit coupled with p90x3 principles still work for us over :laugh:
  • scooterjay_wwis
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    47 years here. harder to lose the weight, but heavy lifting really helps. The motivation of friends here helps also.
  • marysauls56
    marysauls56 Posts: 5 Member
    43 now and just starting to really care about my health. I want to feel younger and more active, so I started the Keto diet and walking 3 miles a day. I’m 23 lbs down and starting to feel like my old self again. ❤️‘n life
  • spider_mark51959
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    That’s great results @marysauls56
  • truGAINS
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    43 ....feeling it too