15 pounds to lose challenge August-October 31, 2021



  • RubyRed427
    RubyRed427 Posts: 4,180 Member
    Just read a New York Times article on IF. I think I'll give that another try. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/well/eat/intermittent-fasting-made-my-life-easier-and-happier.html

  • WeatherJane
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    Hey. I got so busy with taking a shower, getting dressed and drinking water (oops), that I didn’t remember that I needed to weigh-in until just now! With drinking the water, the weight won’t be accurate. I’ll try, again, next Saturday. :)

    I did the same thing on Saturday. Got up got dressed and did my workout totally forgetting to get on the scale. I'll try again next Saturday too. Hopefully with staying consistent with my diet and exercise I'll see a loss.