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    Sand_TIger wrote: »
    WifeDeputy wrote: »
    ne of my biggest things was learning how to nest my knees for sleeping at night. What does this mean?

    It means that some of us learn we now have super bony knees and we can't comfortably stack one on top of the other while sleeping on our sides. I had something like that happen for a bit as my thighs lost padding and for a while my spine was out of alignment when I slept.

    I ordered the thinnest memory foam pillow I could find on Amazon. It has really helped. I don’t like knees, shins, ankles or feet touching each other now, for some reason.

    I saw knee support pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day, and I've been thinking about them every since. I may have to try one.
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    Kaitie9399 wrote: »
    HOW painful the 'ol tail bone can be! I cannot sit comfortably anymore because my tail bone sticks out.

    This! Totally, even on soft squishy chairs too, man it hurts.

    I’m thinking about making a chair pad form fitted to my keister. Because this is beginning to happen to me also.
    The last few days. I know exactly where those ‘ol hip bones are all day, every day.
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