Longest current streak.. Comment yours!



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    SezxyStef wrote: »
    doesn't matter it can be reset by mods at will.

    Well some of us don't cheat or in case of a situation, in which someone didn't have access to the internet. My power, cable & wifi went out after an awful wind storm, the 2nd day that I was here. Luckily even though it was out for 27 hours, I was still able to maintain my day streak; without having to reset it but I wouldn't consider a situation, like that to be cheating; if I did have it reset.
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    I don't cheat either.
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    RaeBeeBaby wrote: »
    I'm at 231. I have missed a few days here and there (camping in the mountains, logging in on my kindle which didn't update on the main site). I have no problem whatsoever asking for a reset back to my first login day to keep my streak going. It is MY streak from my first day committed to achieving a healthier life. I like seeing that number and what it means to ME! B)

    These are my thoughts as well. Currently at 105.
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    I will hit 335 tomorrow
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    315 days. I've logged on everyday since making my account :smile:
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    446. I've been tracking for a few years. I moved to MFP in 2014 because I finally got my first smart device, a 4th generation IPod Touch, and was unable to use the Fatsecret app on that. For a while, I didn't login on "cheat days". I might lose my streak when I go to Spain for almost two weeks next year.
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    Today is day 2039. I hit goal weight a long time ago, but I just like to keep the diary to make sure I hit my macros every day. Plus, it helps keep me from overeating, which I have to be vigilant for. I have quite an appetite, but not the metabolism to support it! :/
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    1800 today
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    I am: 1483
  • MostlyWater
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    Today marks 410 days. I'm determined, dedicated, and super serious. THIS IS HAPPENING! I will not give up this time!
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    132 days and 32 pounds down
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    2375 days for me tomorrow. All genuine. :smile:
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    1951. No resets in that period.
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